RGA Armani - Fake R.G.A. guy in houston area

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I had the same encounter with the fake jacket guy, speaking with Italian accent, shaved head, about 5'10", in a black GMC SUV. showed me passport, showed me bunch of money, said it's not for money, he doesn't want to pay customs duty at the airport (which didn't make sense, of course, but who cares!),etc.

He put a cig. lighter flame to the jacket to show that it doesn't burn! But I played a poor guy who couldn't afford such expensive clothing and he gave me 3 jackets for $100. Nice looking jackets, I felt not too bad at $33 a piece!I probably sell it for $50.

Any takers? Ha!Ha!


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My Dad just got home and said that there was a nice Italian dude at the convineint store and that he needed to get rid of the RGA Reportage jackets and that they were authentic leather and that they run about $800 my dad told the man that he didt wear leather jackets and that he would pass but the guy told him some SOB story about how he had been jacked for everything else he had(credit card,money,etc.)my dad fell for this a$$holes story and i see it been happening to a lot of other people just watch out for Italian men in parking lots with their little SAD story and PHONY!!!!!! a$$ jackets

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Omg i think that just happened to my sister right now

RGA Armani - RGA Reportage Hospitalized

Bay Shore, New York 2 comments

Brighton Beach area, white lexus SUV stopped me and asked for directions to JFK airport, after a breif talk about his designer status with armani, I told him I used to model for Armani in the 90's. He acted very happy and said he had a deal for me because of some tax issues at airport.

He showed me 4 jackets and said he would give it to me for 200$ because i used to model for Armani. I immidiately told him that A.) it wasnt leather B.) it absolutely wasn't Armani. He argued it was...anyway at this point I felt offended by his BS and being an italian myself I proceeded to open his door and yanked him out of the car in front of everyone. I beat the *** outta him on the street, opened his glove compartment and found a fake passport and a fake plane ticket.

I put it in my pocket and waited for the police. they took him into custody and arrested me for assault, to which i told the cops I would do it again and again if i ever saw these phoney a$$holes.

My buddy took off with the jackets so that we can go to an official Armani office and hand them over these fakes. If anyone sees these fakers let me know I want to bust some more heads.

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Monetary Loss: $200.



So in your desire to pursue legal action against this particular fraudster you:

Took the first aggressive action.

Engaged in a vigilante style beating and an action that COULD be prosecuted as kidnapping, dependant on jurisdiction.

Tainted evidence.

Stole evidence.

Destroyed the chain of custody.

Or, in short, completely ruined any chance of this matter going to trial, let alone conviction.

Congratu-fvcking-lations, Guido.


You are a retard

RGA Armani - REA Emporio Armani Fraud

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This report is about fraud with Armani clothes, which seems to be spread all over the world, with few different modifications.

Yesterday (11-2-2010) evening, 40 year old Italian man on parking place near shopping center in Kosice/Slovakia, with a story that he lost all his money in casino previous day and needs money for a gas to get home.

He was in black Fiat Punto with Italian plates. Speaking english, italian, probably spanish. He also showed me his passport and some bank cards, called his wife and son.

In a good will, that I am helping , I borrowed him 390EUR (to earn this money I should work more than month). He also gave me some clothes (fake Armani?), as a "present". Now I see, that this is worldwide spread fraud.

From his passport I have this info:

Name: Luigi Zinzi

Passport number: F573376

Born: February 6th 1967

And two italian telephone numbers, which he gave to me:



He also showed me some paper, stamped by police in Naples.

Be aware! You can find reports about these "Armani" guys from whole Europe and USA! This is not minor trickery, it seems to be organized crime!

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Monetary Loss: $600.



I finished work today and was waiting for a taxi, then i realized i forgot my keys...in this moment an Audi A3(white with Italian plates from Milano) stopped and asked me for the way to a city or something i doesnt understand because i already turned around... I stopped and go back to the car.

There were 2 people in good looking suits in the car but he asked me and i dont understand, he was talking and talking.. "I work for an Italian designer, and he is a capitalistic ***...and so on" So i said to them.."If you need help finding direction drive down the street about 200meters there is a train station and police station where you an ask for the way" Suddenly he starred at me very angry when he heard "police station" He began to talk very angry in italian...it only took a few seconds and they were driving away very fast.


I saw the guy he is in Houston (The Woodlands TX) showed me the fake jackets driving a silver van license plate CR83949. Dude spoke in fake italian accent understood perfect spanish. Beware I called the cops on his *** told them about the fake merchandise and his passport hopefully they get this ***.


that's funny. He was also in Denmark.




I remember this guy, black punto, real smooth talker,seller, in Slovenia. I spot him a few times.

Selling me some armani jackets, i thought, yea fake. Reason i write this is someone here is selling fake REA armani, which was bought from him probably :)


Just got done by this scam in Bristol England. Guy pulled next to me as I stopped was extremely persistent and would not let me go unless I bought one of his jackets.

£20 is all he got out of me just to get rid of him. The jacket is OK to wear doing gardening/DIY and saves a night down the pub.


Be aware, something similar happened to me as well. On March 25th in Bratislava (local part Ruzinov) on a parkplace near hotel Nivy at about 12 o'clock.

Similar story, an Italian man well suited in age of about 40, offered me 3 peaces of on first sight true armani clothing (later on realized to be fake), telling that he has just finished presenting of a new Armani collection in the building of Incheba, Bratislava. He told that he wouldn't use it and if I want I can buy it for a symbolic price, he offered me two jackets and one suit for 350 Euro. Nothing would be more obvious of a crime here in Slovakia, but this man spoke only Italian and a little bit of Spanish and came out of silver Opel Insignia with Italian plates, very pesuasive. He also told that he's comming back to Milan and if I wouldn't buy it the clothes he showed me would end up in garbage.

There were two of them. The second one seemed to be older was just sitting in the car, also well suited. These men were so luckily persuasive, that I beleved them.

The only luck was I managed the price to 180 euros for the clothes thinking of making a good business. Unfortunately, ten minutes later in work I googled for "REA Emporio Armani" and found this article :(

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RGA Armani - Silvio/ Eduardo/ Gino Scammer

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so im walking into work as a server at a chain restaurant nd some guy in a "rented" car (Ford Edge), which has previously been described, asks me in italian if i wanted to buy some jackets. he said that he was a designer for Giorgio Armani and was here on a Valentines day fashion exhibit and that today was his last day here in Jersey.

He said that the company gave those jackets to him but that since they were new, they would charge him taxes for exporting merchandise out of the country. Believable story. So he showed me his "portflio" and an Armani catalog with the pieces he had, which added a little more credit to the story. He asked for $750 but i only gave him $150.00 for 2 leather jackets which to be honest are not bad quality at all, lol.

Yes im kind of mad at myself but out of all of us who got screwed, how many of us are really gonna fall for it again, you live and you learn people. A few pointers tho. A designer for The Girgio Armani himself would not mind paying a few extra dollars on taxes for jackets that he designed himself. In fact, a designer for girgio armani wouldnt try to be selling his merchandise out on the street like that for 1/2 of what its worth when he knows that if the company sells it he gets full profit.

I just wished i would of analyzed this a little better when i was in the moment.

What i do know is that if i ever see this guy again i would punch the Italian accent off his scrawny ***. But im not mad.

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...another fraudster, scammer and a dispecable human being who needs jail time. she uses a few different names in Dallas, Texas and has a website>>> www.yourpsychicinfo.com.......she uses a name of ANN NEWMAN at that site but goes by a few other names.

There is another psychic (A.Newman) back east who is legit but the one I'm referring to is in Dallas, Texas and also goes by other names as well, including>> Dorothy Leath, Dorothy Marks, Cathy Leath , Nicole Kennedy and more. I know some people who are investigating this person as they have scammed their grandfather, uncle and an older grandmother out of large amounts of money by claiming they needed their spirits cleansed/bad luck or some garbage to that effect. They use intimidation and scare tactics on these poor older folks and coozy up to them as their best friend. You get my drift?

Be careful with these people as most all of them are low-life scamming individuals only concerned with their own welfare.

My grandfather lost quite a bit of money with this woman. I live in Louisiana and contace me thru>> JGHM45@yahoo.com to discuss further.

RGA Armani - I Got Swindled, I'm very, very mad

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I'm royally pissed off at myself for falling for something *** like this. The guy says blah, blah, blah, Mexican girl steals all his money and credit cards, yada, yada, yada, I get 3 fake jackets for $160.

By the way, this was in San Diego.

Warning signs I should've played on.

1) He said he was from Milan and that it was 12 hours faster than PST when I knew that it was probably less than that because I went to Indonesia and over there, it's 13 hours faster. Italy and Indonesia are definitely not 1 time zone apart.

2) He showed me a passport! He said he went to Mexico with a woman and she stole his $7000 cash and credit cards. Why didn't she take his passport?

3) Back to the credit cards: He said the woman took his credit cards and soon after that, he tells me that Italians don't use credit cards.

4) I'm not a expert when it comes to business trips, but can business trips across the Atlantic really last for a month? And do they really expect a foreigner Italian to drive a rental car?

5) A rental car for a month??!!

So I'm the biggest *** on this side of the Mississippi and I just want everyone to not fall for the trickeries of this supposedly Italian thief. I am not bagging on Italians. It's just sad that this guy claimed he was from Milan and he's smearing the decency of nice Italian people.

So I hope this Silvio with his rental car dies a slow and painful death because I have 3 fake jackets and down $160. Never ever take the phrase "The Kindness of Strangers" to heart. In life, it doesn't work.

Monetary Loss: $160.



What I'm reading here is two people who heard a label name, let their greed overwhelm common sense, and are now upset they didn't get the completely unrealistic deal they thought they were getting.

A $50-75 Armani-styled jacket, leather or no, is still a good price. It's a decent price for a jacket, full stop.

You are complaining that you only got a good deal, not the ego-catering once-in-a-lifetime that fell in your lap.


so im walking into work as a server at a chain restaurant nd some guy in a "rented" car (Ford Edge), which has previously been described, asks me in italian if i wanted to buy some jackets. he said that he was a designer for Giorgio Armani and was here on a Valentines day fashion exhibit and that today was his last day here in Jersey.

He said that the company gave those jackets to him but that since they were new, they would charge him taxes for exporting merchandise out of the country. Believable story. So he showed me his "portflio" and an Armani catalog with the pieces he had, which added a little more credit to the story. He asked for $750 but i only gave him $150.00 for 2 leather jackets which to be honest are not bad quality at all, lol.

Yes im kind of mad at myself but out of all of us who got screwed, how many of us are really gonna fall for it again, you live and you learn people. A few pointers tho. A designer for The Girgio Armani himself would not mind paying a few extra dollars on taxes for jackets that he designed himself. In fact, a designer for girgio armani wouldnt try to be selling his merchandise out on the street like that for 1/2 of what its worth when he knows that if the company sells it he gets full profit.

I just wished i would of analyzed this a little better when i was in the moment.

What i do know is that if i ever see this guy again i would punch the Italian accent off his scrawny ***. But im not mad.

RGA Armani fraud

Watertown, Massachusetts 2 comments

Got ripped today 11/01 in parking lot of Market Basket Everette, Boston, Ma. 2 Italian guys in white van sold me 4 jackets in 200. (were asking 400). Same story, they had to fly today evening to Italy. Jackets are no were near Armani but worth $25-30 each i guess.

Got ripped today 11/01 in parking lot of Market Basket Everette, Boston, Ma. 2 Italian guys in white van sold me 4 jackets in 200. (were asking 400). Same story, they had to fly today evening to Italy. Jackets are no were near Armani but worth $25-30 each i guess.

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Monetary Loss: $200.



He is now scoping out route 1, saugus MA. He just ripped me off an hour ago at the hess gas station.

He is driving a white van and still telling the story about having to be at the airport by morning. He has grey hair about down to his shoulders and approximately 5'8".


I guess that will teach you to never, ever buy anything from anybody selling something in a parking lot.

RGA Armani - Fake-Reportage REA Collection Leather Jacket

Luxembourg, Luxembourg 118 comments

Same happened to me today in Luxembourg on a parking of a shopping center. Fashionable Italian man speaking good English - gery hair wearing glasses - with a white rented car with Belgium number plate who was asking the way to the airport.

He showed an airplane ticket and also some type of business card of REA Collection. Told that he was in a hurry and needed to go quickly to the airport. He first wanted to give the clothes for free and then wanted some money so to buy a present for his son.

His plane would leave to Milan at 4:30 pm from Luxembourg but there is no plane leaving Luxembourg for Milan at that time of the day.

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Monetary Loss: $500.



Same happened to me in Wexford town Monday March14, 2016. Said he had come from a fashion show in Waterford and needed directions to Dublin airport. Said he had some items, including an Armani jacket that he did not want to take back to Italy with him and would dispose of for the VAT on one item; ha ha.


Hi my Dad just got done by this guy in London, he offered 3 jackets to my dad, 2 RGA & 1 Hugo Boss for £300 telling him just 1 was worth 450 and he managed to knock the guy down to £100. He brought them home and he was genuinely certain they were real, quite scary seeing my dad tricked like that. A man I would have thought impossible to ***


This exact thing happened to me in East Melbourne in Au.

Greetland, England, United Kingdom #933125

Thia happened to me today as well in camden town, london. He said first i give u free, then later on he asked only for the price of one, and then the rest free.

It was all 5 items. But it was all

fake reportage .

São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil #833797

The same happened with my dad today, but in Santos, Brazil. And the man asked for 1600 dollars by the 4 jackets. =/

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands #786269

These guys are now active in Amsterdam. I just met them today.

Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic #782683

Dear all,

the same for me in Czech town Jihlava (about 100 km south from Prague). Italian language, speaking also good english.

On business card name C.Barilla

4 shirts, 2 ties, one belt, 2 leather jackets and 1 suit. Totally 150€.

All fits good.

Reading, England, United Kingdom #652407

Wow can't believe this scam is still happening - I got scammed by this in 1998! I'm normally very cautious (as in 1998) by anything "too good to be true" but I think the sheer brazenness of somebody approaching you face-to-face in your car, giving you an almost plausible story with little time to react / digest what is happening, and suddenly you find yourself holding a bundle of Armani-style jackets for a little cash (I didn't give him much I must admit, I was a full time student at the time!). The coats are actually quite good, just not the sort of thing I would intentionally buy!


the same in romania!

Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil #585389

This happened to me today in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. The same story, nice car, good education, parking my car at the supermarket.

I bought jackets, shirts and a Solingen Germany cutlery 126 pieces!

All products in excelent quality. I didn't know it was fake, but I'm very happy...


This is hilarious. The same thing happened to me less than an hour ago.

$200 for 4 jackets. Same exact story. Silvestro Pasquale even gave me his Italy contact info and spoke my native language of Tagalog (Philippines). But honestly for $50 a Jacket it's not a bad deal its really good quality leather genuine Emporio Armani or not.

Hey my family will love their Christmas presents this year;) .

But yea that guy is an amazing *** artist if he can even be called that. More like an amazing salesman.


Same story,in Paris. But why moan, I got two nice leather jackets that fit perfectly for a 100! I think I made a pretty good deal!


this just has happened to me in Israel


Last week I meet him in Ljubljana. Similar story. Hi frives peugeot 306 with IT licence...


This **** just happened to me yesterday. I was just leaving work about to get in my car and some Italian guy approached me asking if I knew Italian or Spanish.

I said yes, then he proceeded to explain that he was heading to the airport to go back to Italy and that he had some jackets he was trying to get rid of in order to not pay taxes on them. He had 3 jackets and was giving me 2 all he asked was for me to pay half price of one which was 350! I kept telling him no, but that *** short guy was persistent. He lowered it to 200 and even put the jackets in my car!

He showed me his passport, rental stub for the car, and even his business card. It seemed legit but after closely examining the jackets I knew they were fakes. The hangers the jackets had said "Reportage REA" all I had to do is Google it and the first thing that popped up was "Fake Reportage REA Collection Leather Jacket." I can't believe there are people out there that are able to do these types of things. I felt bad for the guy so I tried helping him out.

If I ever see him again I'll be sure to kick his ***! :(


I bought a two piece suite from the aging Italian gentleman in a car park in Leeds back in around 2008/9. Cost me £60 I think. We had a really good chat got on famously. I didn't buy the shoes or the pink shirt though. I wore the suit only yesterday to my cousins wedding and I felt great in it. The cut is nice and the material seems to be of a really nice quality.

Best suit I have ever owned and the cheapest too.

Stop moaning and crying you lot!

Those Italians have Arab blood in them and they've been bartering and selling *** when us Celts were wearing wode and the Saxons were still using bronze.

Take a trip to Istanbul and just see if you can't walk through a Bizarre without buying or considering of buying a multitude of rip off rubbish! Try to count the amount a blatant lies and tall stories these haggling and bartering market traders tell one another.

They aint *** men, just Eastern traders.

Most of what they sell is genuine *** anyhow.

Don't feel hard done by a fella selling a nice suit but be very aware of politician making promises or granting special favors to

his college chums!


same things two days ago.

100 euro for two jacket but ,i felt it was fake but today with 5o euro it is difficult to find a nice jakcet. So yeah I have two nice jacket


Is actually in Vienna doing the same stuff, has a younger companion, is driving a BMW X3 (black) with Italian licence (DR ... or DI ...)


He's is Ireland at the moment. I paid 350 euro for five pieces. Same story - going to airport, etc. etc.

He really is a class act though. I feel I've been conned by a master of the art!

Has anyone worn them?


Same happened with our family not in Europe, but even in the capital of Kazakhstan Astana. They already reached here.

People, please be aware of fraud.

My father gave them 800 euro to buy airplane tickets, which according to their lie were stolen from hotel with money and they gave REA clothes as present and Cartier watch as collateral. What if all of us apply to INTERPOL.


My husband too was scammed ! He was working in windsor, ontario for the day right by the boarder.

He too was approached by an Italian man with a simular story presenting the same documentations. My husband gave $250 for 4 jackets! which at the time seemed like a steal cause he planned on selling them back !

Now reading all these comments I don't he has the heart to sell them at but just give them away !

I guess we are just another sucker in their scam........


They're in Kitchener, Ontario now!! I wish I would've known!!

My husband purchased 4 of their jackets, and they gave him a similar story as well. They said that they were leaving for Italy tonight and had to sell these jackets because they didn't want to pay fees for taking them back with them. They even showed their passports!! Total scam!!

But I must admit...

they were nice jackets for $40/pc... which is what we paid for them!


his roaming around autralia now

to anonymous Daly City, California, United States #973268

I was also scammed, he told me he was from Italy,and had just left the mascone center, and was headed to the airport. He wanted to buy his wife a present, and wanted $800.00 for the suit.

I told my wife to google his brand and we found out he was a fake. He got very upset and we left.


this happened to me too in Tomball TX he goes by the name of Z. Raffaele, someone please call the cops, my dad wasted $750 of hard earned work your *** off money...


Waoooooh this just happend to me! I cannot believe this ***...

4 jackets: $200.00 bucks! It all seemed so legit.. Passport, Airplane Ticket, Car Rental Slip,... Got to say they are such a good actors...

I can't believe there's people like that and dont feel any remorsements...!

I feel like going huntin..... I will find you m....FFF...rrr!


I forgot to mention that they even tried to light the jackets with a lighter to prove that they were leather and not PVC!!!

I hope that someone finds these f*rs and beats senseless!


My father got stopped by 2 Italian guys with a black Mercedes SUV at the Shoppers Drug Mart at Hurontario and Eglinton Rd. area in Mississauga.

They approached him in the parking lot and asked for directions to the airport, then some how proceeded to tell him how they have these leather Armani Reportage jackets they want to sell so that they wouldn't have to pay customs to take them back to Italy.

They showed him their passports and British Airways plane tickets and even the customs papers showing how they paid over $1050 to import them into the country for their business trip!!

One guy's name was Pasquale Silvestro and the other we are not sure of. Pasquale even showed my father a 10 page high-quality catalogue that featured HIM as one of the models of these jackets!!!! They also had a fake business card that says their office is at Via Monte Napoleone,10 Milano Italy. Tel: 0039 3287798654 and his email is silvesetrosmall85@yahoo.it.

They ended up selling my Dad approximately 20 fake leather and suede jackets for $2600!!

This story is so surreal that I don't know what to say. My poor 75 yr old Dad thought he would give them to his children and grand children as gifts, but now we don't know what to do. They convinced him that each jacket was worth 700-1100 euros so that he was getting an amazing deal because they were leaving for the airport!

I called the police and since we don't have a license plate# we can't do anything about this fraud!


Wtf!!! Hw it is possible..they r Makin fool to everybdy frm last 4-5 years...nd honestly m d one of thm, today he sold 4 leather jackets for $220, nd i was hpy b4 read thz... Ppl shud b aware!!!


Same thing just happened to me in paris two hours ago...

3 jackets for 150€. Seemed really good. Didnt even try them...

Feeling quite ***


i fell for thw same freaking guy i ended up taking 3 jackets for 150. ill kill him if i find him


very beatifull a nice model :zzz


very nice model :zzz



i bought the 3 piece set : 3/4 leather, swede and short for 500$.

I feel so *** bad. Dammit . Happened in montreal near lionel groulx metro,

good italian accent in a honda crv suv .

500$ fukin $.


Same thing happened to me today just outside of Washington D.C. in Tysons Corner.

I was approached by a well dressed Italian man who asked if I'd like some free Armani jackets. My first thought was scam, but I listened to him anyway. He said he had come from a show or something and wanted to promote his business and couldn't take them with him on his flight. I waited for the catch and sure enough there was one.

He said he was at a club in D.C. the prior night and some girl stole his wallet when he was drunk and he had no money. Since he didn't have money, he wanted to change his flight to leave today rather than a week from now. The airline wanted $160.00 to change it, but he didn't have the money.

He said he'd Western Union me the money tomorrow, but after reading this I know that isn't going to happen. He seemed nice enough and I was off my guard a little because I will be traveling to Italy soon and having a nice contact over there would be useful. Ha.

These people are everywhere it seems. I feel like I'm in some sort of fraternity of suckers now.


just happened to me less than an hour ago. 3 jackets, 4 dress shirts, 4 ties and a belt for $1,000.

i fell for it and end up talking it down for $300. i feel like an *** for falling for it after reading this.


It happened to me 3 hrs ago. Same thing.

Just like the others. In front of Best Buy. At the Forum. In San Antonio Texas.

They better be on guard ...I will find them. And then stop them.


Hi, the same man with same stuff in silver Skoda Fabia was in Prague Czech republic. The same story as the others.

Walkertown, North Carolina, United States #257397

I got taken yesterday in Mississauga, ON. Canada.

I was at a Metro (grocery store) on Central Pkwy. & Elm St. I was putting my groceries in the car when this guy in a Silver SUV pulls up. He asks me if I speak Italian, I say no.

He begins speaking to me in italian, I tell him I don't understand. Suddenly he begins speaking broken english (pretty good). He's asking me to help him as he's going back to Italy. He tells me he works or was working at a fashin store, and he has Armani jackets.

I tell the guy, nah not interested. He insists and says they're nice Armani, expensive. I tell the guy nevermind they won't fit me. He asks me to come to the passenger side of his vehicle.

He grabs one of the jackets from the backseat and begins to run a lighter on it saying look real leather, nice leather. At first glance the jacket looks nice, leather seems nice and soft. I ask the guy how much he wants and he pulls out 3 other jackets, a womans suede, mens suede, and another mens leather. The guy asks me how much I'm willing to pay, I tell him to give me a price, it goes back a forth a couple of times.

The guy says $400 for the whole lot, telling me just 1 jacket is worth $1500. I ask the guy why he isn't taking the jacket with him to Italy the guy says taxes. I tell him that the value of 1 jacket is worth way more than the taxes. I have a moment of clarity and tell the guy I'm not interested, I get in my car, I slip the car in gear & just as I'm about the pull away the guy stops me and I roll down my passenger window and the guy tells me $250 to take the whole lot.

Greed sets in I make a rash decision. Go to the bank machine and give the guy $250. He's gone. I get home, look at the jackets, notice they're *** quality, than question whether they're real leather.

My next step is to go online and boom first link under google when search "reportage jacket" is SCAM. I felt sick, upset, pissed, ***, etc... There were soo many things that were soo obvious that this guy is a ***, and ignorance got the best of me. I'm usually very thorough, and look things over very closely.

I purchased 4 "leather" jackets without trying them on, looking at them or anything. I'm hoping I run in to the guy again, I won't ask for my money I'll simply call the cops on this ***.

I was wearing a baseball cap & sunglasses so he probably wouldn't even recognize me... Anyway sorry to all of you, it's only $250 but it's the feeling of being violated that sucks.


The same Italian guy is in Mississauga ( Ontario , Canada ) now ...was driving a BLUE luxury SUV ..with a vanity license plate :)

I first met him in the Home Depot parking lot @ Winston Churchill Blvd & Argentia Road ..about 4 years back .. I immediately knew it was a scam . I didn't fall for it ..he was asking for directions to the airport .

Guess what I met the same guy in the Longos parking lot @ Winston Churchill Blvd & Laird Road..I immediately recognized him from 4 years back ..he obviusly didn't know who I was .

I asked him are you selling suits ? ..LOL ..even before he could say anything ..LOL ..I didn't fall for it 4 yrs back ..what makes you think I will fall for it now ?

You should have seen his face ..he drove off in a hurry :)


he did the same to me. i live in surrey b.c and in a parking lot and he showed me a magazine and stated that he was a model in italy. i ended up buying 4 jackets thinking they were real and wasted $200.


i think this is right, he drives around in a little silver rented car? sold me a cashmere jacket and a mac for 110 UK pounds, and another one leather one for 50, didnt seem to bad a deal, this was in UK edinburgh, i think its the same man, pin stripe suit, glasses, black hair, bald on the front of his head a bit?


I got a box like thing with 5 draws in it, 4 containing 4 diffrent blouses and 1 containing 2 ties and 2 belts and a leather jacket for my husband, got it all for 175 euro ! was well proud till i read this !!

lol. Was also an 'italian' .

He said he was a lorry driver that had deliverd some clothes to store here in Holland and was going back to Milan, but wanted to sell the stuff before crossing the boarder.

Still a good deal tho !


The same happened to me in prague. 2 jackets, 2 shirts for 100 €

i even dont know why i paid!!!sometimes, i m doing *** things!!!


Same happened to me Yesterday in New york, I was parking my car on the street in Rego Park, Queens. a Fashionable Italian man speaking enough English - with his Father in a white hair - with rented car- he was asking the way to the airport.

He showed an airplane ticket and also some type of business card of A Collezioni- 2011 Collection. There Names,Gianni A. & Francesco D., Both are Managers, they told that they were in a hurry and needed to go quickly to the airport. They first wanted to give the clothes for free and then wanted some money so to pay for the car rent because he lost his money in Atlantic City Gambling.

I did give them five hundred dollars for 6 leather jackets,4 dressing shirts, a tie and leather belt (is not a bad deal!!!!). Now I did discover thier stuff is fake and not Real Armani.

Be ware of them and similar fake people arround the world like these bad italians. I know a lot of good italians, but these bad once they did fool me, ba ware of them.


Same story here approached me outside a shopping center in Limassol - Cyprus




Today at 10.am in south beach ,miami,florida this Italian offer me 3 Armani jacket for us500. each one I dis not have the money so I offer us 40.00 each one .Can be fake but they look very nice.For us 40.00 each one


Same happened to me a few days ago in Paris. Seems by the description that it's the same guy.

Bought two jackets for 85 euros. Think it's not that bad of a deal afterall...


this guy rolled up on me at Dixie / Bovaird @ 9.00 am Sat morning and asked for directions to Airport.

Pretty bad accent, so I gave him the directs, then he offered me 4 jackets for $800, I got 3 nice looking jackets / $150cdn, $50 bucks a piece, not too bad, he's happy and I am happy... : )


It happened to me today, in Prague. I was wearing a nice coat and this guy, also by the name Marco, drove the car in front of me and asked if I spoke English. I answered yes and thought of asking him the same. He asked me if I was a local and I said no... then he presented himself as working in the fashion industry and had to take a flight to Milan. He drove a BMW with a Czech number: he had another collegue sitting in the front seat who smoke a cigarette and didn't want to show his face.

Anyway, he offered me 4 shirts; a belt; a tie; a suit that didn't fit me; a nice jacket; and a smaller jacket. He wanted 400 euro and kept showing me his creditcards, saying it wasn't about the money. He complained that he had some samples over (in a very bad English) and couldn't take them to Milan. I finally gave in for 200 euro. I had to redraw some cash. It seems that the guy in the front seat took one of the shirts without me knowing about it, but even if it's fake and I got one shirt less, the deal is alright. But I wouldn't go for it again. LOL

We talked on the way to the ATM--I said I was from Romania and he said he knew quite a few Romanians. We also talked football. He seemed like a nice guy, but a bit nervous.


they hit me up long island ny, 3 coats $100.00 :zzz :grin 8)


same deal as every one else, 35 shaved head silver suv, a disgner


Also happened to me today.

I just found this page while searching on Internet what's worth what i bought today from an Italian guy in Mechelen area, Belgium...

I was fueling my car, guy stopped by, asking the way to Zaventem airport. He left and came back to me with the story you know...

Seems like this guy lives from that.

He wanted from me 1500 Euros at first. Then told him that Cash Machines gives max 500 Euros.

After all, i proposed 400 Euros and he accepted.

All in all, i maybe bought fake, ok, but a full suit + 6 jacket for 400 Euros i think it's still ok... Happy that i haven't paid the wanted 1500 Euros after i read this.


Sorry $ 1,000.00 dollers for 10 Jackets


same guy came up to me today 07/24/2010 in Humble, Tx. he told me the same story that he has to leave tomorrow to Italy.

He was here in houston for few weeks and stuff like that. i bought 10000 dollers worth of jackets from him. I told my brother about this first thing he did was googled it. lol well i sold 4 for $350.

Im try to recover atleas half. By they way jeckets are nice......Khan


My father was scammed yesterday in houston, texas at a home depot store. The italian guy gave the same story about returning home to italy and wanting to buy somethings for his family.

Of course my father felt sorry and fell for his heart wretching story. The guy got $500 worth of gift cards for like 6 jackets he force on my father.


Written by Bought 3 jackets at $160.00 cd, on 06-07-2010 00:16

I was fueling at a local gas station in Mississauga and a clean cut guy came to me asking for directions to go to Pearson International Airport (Toronto).He could hardly speak english so I offered if he speaks French and pas de problem we started talking in French.

He asked me if I am interested in buying Armani clothes. Told him they were very expensive. To make the story short. I ended up getting these 3 beautiful jackets for $160.00 They fit well and whether they were real or not. $53.00 a piece is Ebay deal. May sell some at Ebay. But wait, they are really nice to wear. Moral of the story, dont carry large sum of money. The seller will take any $ he can get. Now who s the scammer here LOL.


Same person is pulling the scam in Toronto...Be aware the passport and plane tickets are fake thats how I got tricked into the scam...This guy also had credit card from italy and was wearing designers clothes and driving a mercedes benz rented from hertz..He pretended not to speak english but I do speak Italian and told him your Italian sounds more like the southern part...I got 7 jackets plus a suit for 500$..I thought i could sell them online for 100 each...but the quality is so bad that i cant even get 10$, so I donated the clothes..It was too good to be true..I dont think is the same guy but the same scam pulled around the world...I have a good memory and if I see him again I promise I will break his legs


Today happened to me in poland, warsaw, the guy was compeletly fashion and said to me he is going to italy at 4 pm. he had a withe small toyota.

he showed me 1 business card which there is no name on that. he introduced himself as marco. he was speaking english very weakly. I bought 2 jackets and 1 coat for 110 euro.

i was quiet happy with that nice jackets until i got home. i checked in internet and find this page.

but his scenario seemed true. so be causious.


same thing happened with me

got leather jackets and a costume payed 20€ :P


today ja bay 2 jackets end 1 suit for 300 e. iaem verri happi fit nice :zzz


to the buyers:you complain about the fake...but if the stuff was ok none of you would complain?

you must know that,in the world every day wake up a fool and a clever...you were the first.Do not take offense to this observation,all must survive,basically have not killed anyone,you only bought things that after you use...GOD bless everyone, I do the same job.....bye bye


The same in Poland, white nissan quashqiai, close to rondo onz :/

Suits look fine, nevertheless I feel like imbecile


same in poland, Warsaw 2 jackets and one suit for about 150 euro. Those guys seems to trael around the europe white nissan quashqiai on italian plates


Same story in Barcelona (Catalonia-Spain). 2 jackets REA for 80€, a true italian scammed me ._.


Same storey Canada Burlington Ontario. I am a great shopper If I was there I would have made the old man look like a fool, you have to know what u r buying...my husband was caught on a job site same storey...my husband came home with 4 Jackets, no belts no shirts and no suits....and he paid $500.00, they look great if you have no idea... I felt bad showing him the web site he was so excited with his purchase, perhaps we should leave it as a good deal..and not wreck the excitement..of the one who got scammed...and now the scam will contunue by pawning them off to our friends...lol...


Today the guy is in Prague,

5 jackets and 4 suits for 450 euro

facke or not, they fit nice :grin


Not the same guy- there must be a whole team of them out there. Hubby met one today in Heidiland, Switzerland.

Was driving a Lancia.

Same story, but hubby was the one who offered the money (CHF 500). This guy must think these Swiss are gullible.


Same story today in Brno (Czech republic)

4 jackets

4 shirts

2 suits

2 ties

2 belts

500 EUR

I was really happy for this good shopping...

...until I found this page :grin


The same exact story in Paris, nice looking guy on his 35th, a stylist need to get rid off his show garments, 2 jacket, 1 suit, and 1 lady bag for 200 EURO. I'm sure it was too good too be true, I just wanted to help him in case he was true because he showed me the gas (fuel) was running out (the fuel sign was on). How to stop this fake hoax before another 1000 victims aroudn the world??????


Same story..... Today in paris. 2 lether jacket at 100€


The same story. On a carpark here in Nitra ( Slovakia).

Leather jacket + 4 shirts, 2 ties and 2 belts...70 euro. Everything suits me but I feel so ***.


Similar story, today, Prague, black BMW, with good English speaking man with the Italian accent, maybe 40-50 year old, greyish hair, smoker, I bought 4 jackets and 2 suits for 400 €


Same story here in Bratislava, at Zlate Piesky. Two Italian guys in an Italian rental white combi, asked about the way to the airport.

I told them and then they said they were fashion managers, going from a fashion show. They do not want to carry the exhibition stuff back to Milan etc.. Then I stopped him and told I bought 7 pieces from him a month ago. He seemed shocked but did not panic, asked how much I paid and said it was good price.

:) I am not mad at him, the stuff is fake but I like it, got some presents for family too...

:) They looked different this time, in suits, "desperately" looking for the way to the airport. :)


Same thing happenend to me in Dortmund (Germany), same question!


Italian guy in Mariefred Sweden, he asked me the way to the nearest freeway, wich i told him.

Than he offered me 3 Leather jackets for free, if i bought a Armani suite from him for 300 Euro, ofcourse i smelled something fishy was going on, but still it was something in me who wanted toosee were this was going.

I told him that i was sick and could not afford 300 Euro, than he asked me what i could do, i told him 50 Euro, than he offered me a nice Leather jacket, i payed him and went away,. :grin

In Sweden 50 Euro is wery Cheep even for a fake jacket, i love it and it fits perfect.

Who was blowing who ?? 8)

They really been around those Italians, Wow, :zzz


The same happened to me in Bronx today. A man asked me if I know the way to JFK airport.

He stopped the car and an another old men offered me some leather jackets for free. "Come un regalo" - he said. I have not any thing to give you as a gift, told I him. You can give me anything you have in your vallet.

I felt myself ashamed. He took 115 dollars, all money that I have, gave me one of the jackets and moved of my sight.

When I recollected my mind, he was of from my sight. Shame on them both.


same in norway, was geting some gas for my car. and he told me about the son and birthday.

plain is going soon.. same story. he got 1700kr from me for a woman jakket and a suit.. LOL..

not well sbend money. but it was nice clothes.


The same story happend to me today, Slovenia, petrol station close to Maribor. Italian guy, he was almost fluent in Czech, that's why I believed his story of living in czech for five years, selling leftovers from fashion show in Ljubljana.

4 leather jackets, 2 suits (marked samples so I believed the story), 2 belts, 2 ties, 4 shirts. I gave him €400. I realised at home what I bought and found these pages. I am so ***...

He showed me sim card with italian phone number.

And invited me to Milan. Nice looking fakes anyway...


Same story from today in Prague (Czech Republic). Italian guy with Czech car needs to get back to Italy and needed some money on car rental.

100 E

3 jacket and belt


Same again in Prague, today 300E

Bud good tactic, that's for sure. Thought it would be good deal. :zzz

I am impressed by how many places he visited, or are there more of them? Italian gang, haha.


Same story in Oslo. Gas station next to Tasen Senter.

I have 3 ugly jackets for 1500 kr.

I'm thinking of reporting it to the police. It looks like it is some kind of international mafia.


Quite same story in Ljubljana/Slovenia today, but for two good looking jackets I give him only 15 eur.. :zzz 8) He was soo angry...


Same in Paris Today !

1 suit

3 jackets

I feel so *** !!


Exactly the same in Paris today !


Today, Fermoy Ireland same thing rented car etc Guy in his late 40's wanted to sell 3 jackets for 250EUR. This is the second guy stopped me so I went for bargain I bought 1 good quality jacket for 100 he did not want go below that price.

It must be a fake but I know real leather by touch.



same story in Spring Valley N.Y. in a Suffern shopping center last week.

A high 40's italian looking very fashionable, needed money to buy gifts for family in Milan.

The three leather jackets look very nice. What a tactic!


Exactly same story in Annemasse (France).


The same happened in Slovenia. My father met him at the shopping centre and of course have no idea about the fashion and believed him.

He told my father that he need some money to get to Rome.

My father bought 2 jackets and one men's dress for 120€. Now I see it's fake!


Same story from today in Prague (Czech Republic). Italian guy with Czech car needs to get back to Italy and needs some money for presents to his child ...

3 suits

5 jackets ..



Same story 2 Weeks in Brussel


Bit of same story here , catching a plane going home in a hurry , rented car, nice looking man

Bought 4 nice jackets

Randers Denmark 12-3-10


he is in sweden now


i meet one in berlin on a tankstation the second of march, he had no money for gasoline, driving in a rentet car and he gave me two jackets but when i did not gove him gasoline ,he got his jackets back and drive away,he started with ,asking about the way to italy from berlin,he was a nice guy and very polite


I think the same italian just sold three jackets to my father in Oslo, Norway. He said he wouldn't bring them back to Italy that same evening after a fashion show because of some tax issues. I didn't ask how much my father paid him though


Today he's in Oslo. exactly same story...


A colleague of mine saw them today in a shopping mall in Bratislava again. Italian car, spoke Czech this time.

Did not buy anything, lucky he!

Never mind, the stuff is quite OK. I cannot stop wondering about this strange sales tactics...


Same story in Bratislava today, luckely I didn´t buy from them... If u see them two guys, kick the *** out of them !!!


Same yesterday in Paris

2 Italian guys with italian Car

3 jakets/1 costume/4 shirts

any body knows yhe value of that stuff?


Seen in Bruxelles someone trying the same trick today: took one for 60. Could have gone worse.


Same story today in Barcelona. Looks this guy is "working hard".

Soon or late he will make an error...


Today he is in Barcelona. WTF


I happened to meet these guys as well. They stopped me in the parking lot in a shopping centre in Bratislava, Slovakia.

They had another story - they were exhibitors from Milano, who have been at an exhibition in Czech republic. They were driving back home so they did not want to take the jackets back and just get rid of it for some cash... I am so ***! Allthough I hesitated a lot, I took seven jackets for 250 EUR, without looking at them.

Now I am mad that they are fake! Not very bad but I cannot wear them...

Maybe I can use them as gifts to family. They are really good, excellent seller qualities and holding to their story.


same *** today in slovenia if you see this guy kick his asss!!!!!


Same happened to me in bratislava now today :( i give him 200 euro ufff


today same story, older italian man give me one jacket REA reportage / armany stile /he's want 150eur

i give him 50eur *** off :(

I from Bratislava /Slovakia


he is in madrid now, same story.


My buddy just bought 3 leather-jackets from this guy in Oslo.. just 2 hours ago..

He's lurking around showing that picture of his in the magasine mentioned earlier=P saying he just wont pay customs. hehe.. the jackets are indeed good-looking, but its a downer they're fake.. how come nobody can catch this guy?

hes good... (btw, he gave his "card", GA Milano italian style. Pasquale, Model/Rappresentative(yes, rappresentative=P; 0039 328 779 68 54..

Via Monte Napoleone, 10 - Milano ITALY)... thorough dude..


Yes, same story it happened to me last Saturday 6 February in the parking lot of a grocery store Rimi on Rebase street in Tartu, Estonia. A younger guy in his late 20's and an older man in his 50's.


Yes, same story in Oslo, 3 leather jacket, Italian guy, rental car, custom in airport...... Anyhow I buy one jacket (only which was my size) 500 Nok and I can live with it :)

Life will teach us


Same story now in norway! italian man, in a rental car.

he said that he did not want to pay costoms to take back the jackets.

he also showed me a picure of him as a model, and gave me hes card. Now

I have 3 fake leather jackets an are short 400 us$ :upset


This guy is now on Finland-Vaasa - very simalar story. Six jackets richer - some hundres euros gone,but the clothes have not so bad quality.

He was SMART. Reportage Rea Last Collection was the label.


same happend to my in rotterdam but *** happens some time you win and some time you lose


Same Story today in Maribor/Slovenia, a man who was an hurry to get his Plane to Mailand. He want to give me 3 Emporia Jackets and one Jacket with trousers for 250eur. I think they are Everywhere!


Same happened to me in Prague on a parking of a shopping center. Italian man speaking good English and having a car BMW X5.

Firstly, he gave me a present a leather jacket and then he asked me for some money to get another things. I had explained me his story about opening a shop in Prague.

He was in a hurry because of his boss being near from here. Finelly, I bought a suit for 70 Eur and got a leather jacket for free.


My father-in-law was leaving his work and encountered a man in the parking lot. He reported that he was a well dressed well groomed person who needed directions to the airport.

He claimed to be returning home from a fasion show and wanted to give some "armani jackets" so he didnt have to haul them home.

Well eight jackets and three hundred $300 dollars later he was gone and never seen again. Very similar stories all around all I have to say is BE SMART


yeap ..u better whach out for this guys ...they're realy smart...don't get confused they have eperience on that:)

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RGA Armani - Mens Reportage R.G.A

New York, New York 7 comments
Not resolved

I was scammed by the same Armani guy . i gave him $200 for to 2 jackets.

HE WANTED $750 and i said not after i helped him for direction he kept begging and i gave in because i felt bad for him .. the money was minor i was really trying to help the guy didn't care much for the clothes ... if you are the crook and you happen to read this i better not find you out there .you better hope the police is near if i find you in an ally.


Review about: Armani Jackets.



LOL it happened to me too, but I really liked the jackets I didn't care they were fake so I got 3 jackets for $150 not a bad deal...

Also I knew these were fakes and he was BS me, I just liked the jackets and $150 for 3 jackets...not a bad deal.


I in London one Italian guy stop me and offer two jacket for sales because her gambling and finish money that people offer me 500pound. Then o tol her I no ,money then she ask how mouch can pay I just tol I can give 100pound only


yea this *** barf just got me in new jersey for $200 for 4 leather jackets.

I dont feel bad cuz he saved me $200



This guy has struck again in laois republic of Ireland. An Italian Guy asked for directions to Dublin, mentioned that he worked for Brown Thomas.He offered 2 free leather jackets.

Convinced me to go to the ATM machine to get money. So I paid 550 euros for a suit, and three jackets.


Habe heute auch eine "Armani-Lederjacke" gekauft, auf einem Autobahnparkplatz in der Nähe von Berlin. Italiener, 35 Jahre, weißes Auto mit deutschem Kennzeichen.

Kam angeblich von der Fashion week in Berlin, hatte 4.000.- im Casino verloren und mußte tanken. Ich gab im 30.- Euro und bekam eine Jacke.


This guy is in Barcelona now. Maybe it is not the same ***, but it is the same mafia.

Today I was going home and he stoped me on the street asking if I knew the way to the airport. So he told me he worked for Armani, with the catalog, the watch...well, everything.... he was just leaving a promotional event and that he would sale all the clothes he still had in his car with 90% of disccount. I mean, he showed me the prices, the clothes inside the box, the suites very well made, the precious tie and belt...total: 4 shirts, 2 ties, 2 belts, 2 suits and a leather jacket....all for €500.

I gave him €200 for 1 suit, 2 shirts,1 tie and 1 belt... and now I just noticed it was a fraud... I suspected... but it happened just in the period I was looking for a suit...

well, it is not bad quality at all...I´ll use them...once I payed... but pay attention on the streets people. If someone asks you a direction, be objective...just give the information and leave.... and if someone comes with stories of lost money in casino, was robbed....

don´t listen...

the chances that you are refusing to help a person who really needs your help are almost don´t exist. And go to *** Armani and all other NAMES that make turn people into slaves of shoping and money....


I just came home with three REA Reportage 'Giorgio Armani' jackets and s a hand made siut. Im sure that I bought it al from the same clean cut good looking Italian guy in a hired car.

He stoped me on the street in his car - I thought that he would ask directions, but he asked me to help him to rapidly buy a Playstation 2 for his son and he was the way to the airport from the Danish Fashion Fair - and also he had some brand new Armani leather jackets that he would give me for free because he would not pay the taxes to get the through the airport .... and a handmade suit that he asked me to buy for some 5o0 Euros.

He was really very well takling - and all the clothes were packed in glossy bags etc. He got me and I feel like a major fool now that I came home - thinking that I never heard of an Armani Reportage collection - so Id look it up on the internet - and i landed on this site and a few other sites where Ive red tha same bad stories.

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RGA Armani - Fake-Reportage REA Collection Leather Jacket

Tampa, Florida 296 comments

It appears that this guy is now in Tampa Florida with a very similar story. He speaks Italian very very well. He told me in Italian that he was leaving tonight and wanted to bring a present home for his son and needed $400.00 for some items that were left over from a fashion show which had been held at our local International Mall.

I felt really bad, and I really wanted to help out a "Paesano" from my own country (so I thought). Now, I too feel like a fool after reviewing other complaints on the Internet. He only got a reasonable amount from us for a very nice looking Men's Leather Jacket and suit that we really did not need right now.

Gino, mio paesano, fai un Buon viaggio a Milano e no ritorne più a Tampa a fare queste falsa cosa e pubblico americano. Un uno comò tu che fai parere molto male a tutti la gente Italiano.....(Gino, in case you do not read Italian as well as you speak it.....I just wished you a great flight back to Milan and I hope that you do not return back to Tampa doing these things to the American public.

A person like you, makes all of us hard working Italians here in the state look really BAD. Go find yourself a real job. One that you woud be proud to have in this GREAT Country or go back to Italy. We do not need people like you here.

Review about: Rga Giorgio Armani.



I was just had as well I felt bad for the guy said his name is giovani reminded me of my wife's grand father this happened In la puente Californiabe aware


I met this guy today in Switzerland :(

Offered me 2 suits and a jacket as a thank you ... but needed some money for a souvenir for his wife.

Had a black Huyndai rental car.


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #895027

Guy got me today for two coats in Waterdown Ontario, Canada. Fashion show in Toronto and he had to catch a flight back to Italy and didn't want to pay duty.

he had jackets he wanted to unload as he would have to pay duty on them.

It felt like a scam, smelt like a scam, and deep down I knew it.

Jackets looked great, fit perfect and cost me $185.00 for two.

Oh well, most scams leave you with nothing.

at least I have two faux leather jackets with a pretty embarrassing story. Thanks for the posts gang.

Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom #870449

Sept 2014. Exactly same person with exactly same story only this time in Dublin Ireland.

at a service area not far from Dublin Airport for a reasonable amount he gave me a very nice looking Men's Leather coat and Jacket and suit.

i was so slow! he's a *** man but all credit he got me.Mugged!


Italian man bald about 60 -white SUV last # on lic plate 781.Story was he was lost needed to get to Airport.Then told me he lost about $10,000.00 at Ramma( CASINO north of Toronto(Canada).Gave me 3 jackets he said for being so nice and helping him out.Then 2 more for my wife.Then he asked for money to buy his wife a gift as he had lost all his money gambling. He got money out of me as he kept saying they were worth 1000 Euros each.They are worth $40.00 each.

Reading, England, United Kingdom #652412

Wow can't believe this scam is still happening - I got scammed by this in 1998! I'm normally very cautious (as I was in 1998 too!) by anything "too good to be true" but I think the sheer brazenness of somebody approaching you face-to-face in your car, giving you an almost plausible story with little time to react / digest what is happening, and suddenly you find yourself holding a bundle of Armani-style jackets for a little cash (I didn't give him much I must admit, I was a full time student at the time!). The coats are actually quite good, just not the sort of thing I would intentionally buy!

Paris, Ile-De-France, France #610720

He is in France now

Slupsk, Pomorskie, Poland #600086

Hi everyone!!I met this guy yesterday on A10 circular of Berlin. He told me the same story.

I've been there on my polish reg car, maybe He thought that I'll be the easy one he he .What a ***!!! I did not give Him even a penny, I felt there is something wrong.


looks like that italian person is in montreal,canada. same story he was going to airport and wanted to cover the rent of the rental car by somehow.

so he gave me 4 jackets for 500$. but the jackets look like good, so kept it and decided to give them to my friends as new year gift.


we found him in houston texas !! :( sold my dad 3 jackets and i told him the were fake


He got me in San Antonio! Thought I was helping him out but he better hope I don't see him again!

Paid for 3 jackets... What's the funny part is he ask me I had $20.00 more dollars for gas!


I live in Lancing West Sussex. I had to go to the village to get the wifes lottery tick when a car pulled up and an Italian guy said he was lost after leaving Worthing on his way to Birmingham to catch a flight home.

I showed him on his map\"thank you sir\" a number of times. He said to me would you like a coat, he jumps out and proceeds to give me 3 coats explaining that they are selling for £300 and that as I helped him I could have them. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth I said thanks very much. He then asked me what my wifes size and then gave another 2 in leather.

In very bad english he said he needed £80 to fill the car up to get back to Birmingham I told him I had only £15 on me and he could have that.

I looked at the fuel gauge and it was nearly full.He had all the paperwork for an Avis Hire car on a 12 plate.By this time I bagan to smell a rat When he relised I was not going to help he took 2 coats back. I got 3 jackets for £15 not a bad deal but be warned it can happen anywhere and anyone DougalBy this time I was be :grin


A Paris fin octobre 2011, quel bon vendeur !!


Waren am 28.02.2012 auf der Autobahn nach Berlin-Marzahn.

Auf einem Parkplatz parkte ein schwarzer

Passat Kombi mit Berliner Kennz. hinter uns.

Ein Herr stieg aus und fragte uns nach der Autobahn, die nach Italien führen würde.

Es wäre ein Leihwagen ohne Navi.

Er kam angeblich gerade vom KDW und würde die MArken Bogner u. Armani als Manager vertreten.

Hatte eine aus einfachen Papier gedruckte Visitenkarte R.G.A.Italy R.E.A.

Manager Moda Italiana


Hätte ein eigenes Hotel am Gardersee und würde uns herzlich einladen, wenn wir ihm 100 oder 200 Euro zum tanken geben würden.

Als Dankeschön wollte er uns 2 Jacken von Armani und Bogner schenken.

Als wir ablehnten, wurde er sehr ungehalten und raste davon.



17March2012 La Jolla, CA. Young guy, glasses, spoke Italian well, hip clothing.

Same scam. I didn't fall for it, but I did look it up.


Gestern war ein Herr ("Salvatore")der Firma "R.G.A. ITALY R.E.A.auf der A2 in Deutschland unterweges.

Er würde im KDW in Berlin arbeiten und hatte einen Leihwagen (Auto) bekommen, ohne Navi. Er wollte nach Italien nach Hause fahren hatte aber nicht genügend Benzingeld.

Daher bat er um Geld, nachdem er 2 Lederjacken als angebliches Dankeschön mir "Geschenkt" hatte (für die Auskunft wie er am schnellsten auf die A9 kommt, zum tanken!!!

Ich sag nur vorsicht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vor diesem Herren!!!!!!!

Viele Grüße "Pumuckl1900"


Today this man was in Brunn am Gebirge near Wien.Now lost money in Casino and need money for benzin.Result:4 jackets 150 EU.


Got this jacket as a gift, ...from my nephew, ... didn't have the heart the tell him, ...

I researched it on line ... the jacket smelled funny, not like real leather, .. a very strong synthetic kind of smell so I became suspicious and looked on line under EA or Reportage R.G.A collection and sure enough there is tons of articles and reports from people who got ripped off. ..

I won't tell my nephew because I don't want to hurt his feelings, ..

but this is just proof people, ..why we should never ever buy anything off the streets from someone. :sigh


Got this jacket as a gift, ...from my nephew, ... didn't have the heart the tell him, ...

I researched it on line ... the jacket smelled funny, not like real leather, .. a very strong synthetic kind of smell so I became suspicious and looked on line under EA or Reportage R.G.A collection and sure enough there is tons of articles and reports from people who got ripped off. ..

I won't tell my nephew because I don't want to hurt his feelings, .. but this is just proof people, ..why we should never ever buy anything off the streets from someone.


same story below as Mike M - at Yorkville in Toronto on Avenue Road - glad I only have a $200 daily limit at banking machine (he got me for $100)

quote from Mike

Hole *** this guy is in Toronto,Ontario same M/O I got burned this morring... Young male in his 20's drivin a 2011 black ford edge rental.. He better hope that the cops get him frist & someone on the streets


:p haahahaahahaah,hihhiihhihihihiih :grin eheeheheheheheheh,ahahhaahhaahhaahah :p


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Hole *** this guy is in Toronto,Ontario same M/O I got burned this morring... Young male in his 20's drivin a 2011 black ford edge rental.. He better hope that the cops get him frist & someone on the streets



Today we stopped at a parking place during our car trip from the Netherlands to Berlin, Germany. It was a parking place at the high way A10, close to Magdeburg. A guy, about 60 years old, asked for the right way to Leipzig. He was dressed in a suit en said he was a manager at Armani's in Italy. He handed over his business card (L.Diego, Manager Moda Italiana, RGA Italy REA, 0039-3342818221). He just came back from the 'Messe' (fashion exhibition) and he was involved in a car accident. This should explain why he was driving in in old, small car at the moment.

We explained the right route to him and he was extremely gentil for the help we gave him. He wanted to thank us and asked my size. Then he showed me two leather Armani jackets he wanted to give to me. Next he told he was out of gas an needed money. He wanted to sell the jackets for a good price. I thanked him, returned the jackets and handed over 5 euros ($3,50) for gas. Just in case it was indeed true .........

After searching the internet and reading about the methods mentioned on this site, I think it was one of those 'Italian' guys (maybe the 'gothfather', capo di tutti capi ....)


Today 9th Nov. 2011.

Wexford Ireland. Smallish guy strong Italian accent. Three jackets left over from fashion show, needed the money to pay for the car rental. Stopped me on the street looking for directions and then the sob story.

Got three jackets for 200 euro. Told me they were worth 1000 euro. One was my size the other two too small for me.

I only found out that when I brought them home. Anyway they looked good and I am satisfied with them.


a guy came to me and offer 3 jackets for 400euro he said he nned money because he wants to back to italy so i gave him 400euro and then i found it was fake beacause my gf noticed it with the zipper what a bad experienced


La misma historia un italiano k tenia k regresar a italya y k no keria pagar taxes y k me vendia 4chamarras de marca por 350 pero le dije k no tenia y me pregunto k cuanto tenia le dije k 100 y me dijo k me daba 2 por 100 cuidado *** este estafador anda en fort worth tx y arlington maneja suv blanca gm no se dejen enganar


There was a man with the same story in montreal today, he was bigger, about 6 feet, but spoke perfect Italian and had the same story which included passport and ticket. The jackets seemed very legit


He just approached me Oct 4th, 2011 about 10 minutes ago, outside my building at a sturbucks in West New York, NJ.

Italian, with the same story about the NYC fashion show, that he was going back to italy (showed me passport)and did not want to pay taxes on the jackets, he wanted $700 for 3 very nice looking jackets.

I told him I did not have that and I would not pay that much even if I had it. he asked me how much I had, told him $100. he then said that as a gift to me he would give me 2 for that, I agreed and took the money, turns out I had $140, so he offered the last jacket for the extra $40, took the deal.

I am actually happy about the jackets even if the are fake. they are the prefect size and look good.


Hello boys and girls .. i've got the same problem. Today arount 17:30 when i went out 1 guy stop me and my friend and start talking about the 3 jackets, and 1 watch .. he offer me to buy everuthing for 200 pounds, because he just left from the fashion show in battersea( London) and wanna sell those things. Because of the rental car wich he took before, and now he have to pay for the car and don't wanna pay tax in the airport tonight for those things. :D

After he let us in the car and strait away to the cash machine ..

He show to me the Italian Passport and all the documents for about the car..

The name in a pasport was VINCENCO MORRA (or something like that, im sure it was mora, for vincenco im not sure)


Just got had by one guy in jersey city nj. he will have his coming


same story :grin italian guy 4 jackets for 200 :zzz i dont mind still look good to me only thing can i trust any one now hmmmmmmmmmm mayb

by da way its happen in toronto canada


bin auf diesen typen auch reingefallen...heute 1.september auf einem Parkplatz kurz ausserhalb von Berlin...hat mir 4 jacken aufgeschwatzt und dafür habe ich ihm 140 euro gegeben für Sprit geld weil er angeblich alles im casino in berlin verloren hatte. Er war elegant und hat einen seriösen Eindruck gemacht....seine Visitenkarte R.G.A.

Italy R.E.A. Gerri aus Limone Lago di Garda...habe ihm sogar noch meine visitenkarte gegeben zwecks Auftritten (musik) in seinem Restaurant in Lago di Garda.

Wenn mir jetzt jemand die Bude leerräumt dann weiss ich wer das war.

Vorsicht!!!!habe mich mal wieder überreden lassen.


Mit einer gleichartigen Visitenkarte von R.G.A. ITALY R.E.A.

ist ein Gerri aus LIMONE :-)(Tel.

00393342818221) in einem dunklen SUV im Outlet B5 an der A10/B5 im Aug.2011 tätig gewesen. Immer sagen "Wir zahlen doch alles mit Karte, wir haben kein Geld in Bar"!






I´m not sure about it, but I think I was caught in the same scheme. Paid $400 for 3 leather jackets (RGA), her in Poços de Caldas, Brazil.

Same BS story about going back to his country (Portugal)... the jackets look cool, but now I´m not sure if they are real at all.


I bought 5 jackets for $1000, thought I will sell on internet and make some extra money .came home check the web site all jackets were fake and I got ripped off.They will pay for their devil things one day.


Omg!!! i was a victim of this reportage rea!!!!

just living here in brampton ontario canada.. these 2 guys went on us july 2 2011 at parking area of one market here in brampton..while we're walking and told us that they've into a fashion show and have to dispatch all the jackets because he's going back to their country... he told me first 5 leather jackets for$600 and we just saywe have no enough money. so he told us he'll give a present..100dollars for two jackets..

and so we did..

so i went to internet and found out.. that it is a SCAM!! 


This guy was in London yesterday, operating in the Imperial Wharf/Chelsea area. He said the same BS about 'fashion show', extra samples, not wanting to pay duty and using the cash to pay for his car rental. Talked about his daughter wanting to go to med school. Very smooth and convincing but came across as a bit slimy.

He wanted to give me 4 free jackets if i bought a suit for £600. He even offered to drive me to a cash point to take the momeny out.

Very persistent even after I told him I wasnt interested. I just walked off in the end saying I needed to go home to get my cash card. Hope these guys get caught


I believe the Italian man is in toronto.Canada

I felt victim to the same Italian man driving a rental car believed to be from budgetcar rental.

he said that he just finished a fashion show in Hamilton and had to go back to italy that night flashing his Italian passport.

He just stopped me by Walmart in Milton and showed me 5 jackets(3 leather and 2 suede)..If you buy one for 650 i will give you all the five.

He went to the extent of testing it with a lighter.

i thought I was making a good bargain and offered him $280 dollars for the 5.

Instinct just got on me to check the internet if the deal is real and reading everybody's experience....Too bad

I am sure sharing our encouters online like this will get him in the police net





they are in Poland now, in Warsaw. i'm so ***...

and have to good heart... and lost 200euro :/


Hi there

this guy is in Madrid right now (9th June 2011) He stopped me this morning and said he had to fly just this evening to Italy. (spoke Italian and english).

gld to tell you all that i got a jacket from him for 10 euros... He was coimg from FERIA DE MADRID after an Expo...

driving a rented Golf. keep an eye on him...



My dad was scammed by these people he is a vunerable elderly gentleman who has recentky been bereived. be aware out there if it sounds too good to be true it probaly is.


LOL I JUST BOUGHT 2 jakets rea last collaction for my girl and one for me for 100 bucks buddy was saing he went to casino lost 7000$ and he even said he lost his mom a month ago showed me a pic of her and kissed.dramatic right felt bad for the guy gave him 100$ lol got 2 of them my girl would be happy if i say it ain't fake lol i like the one for me too i might sell it back now the guy is in calgary alberta driving a white nissan murano rental watch out or u can get an ok deal like me if u in need of a jaket fancy lookin one lol


these Guys are operating in Runcorn england

i'm so flattered nothing happens here.

I only had £20 on me so i ended up with two jackets, bommer jacket and long coat, very happy.if it sounds to good.......

Talk him down.


my husband was approched for one of this

thiefs at downtown vancouver last week

we hope someone can stop them to do this over and over this person metion that he was going back to ITALY THAT day and he didn't want to take them back, he ask for 600 can dollars, then he said he can have them for 400 all 6.and he did, what a surprise.


Thanks to this website, I didn't buy 8 jackeys for 300 bucks I decide to check here. Thank you guys, hialeah, florida. :)

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #274523

on Wed. April 13th 2011 we were walking out of walmart and this Italian was asking my husband for directions to an Itlian community we told him that he would have to Chicago for that, then he started talking about some leather jackets he wants to sale and give the rest away becasue he didnt want to pay a taxe fee because he was here on business from Rome it was left over jackets from a confrence he did at Macys.

So my husband asked if he could look at them and was interested because he said they were Armani Jackets if you buy one for 450 you can have the other 5 for free. thought it was a good deal. He had a tick accent dress european and was driving a rental car, Kia optima, showed us his passport and tickets He mentioned he was leaving home back to Rome that night he even gave us his phone number ( non working # to Rome)I feel so *** just went to walmart to get my baby diapers and came home for way more thatn I bargin for.

What sick man would do that to a family walking out of walmart with two children and then rob them for their money. You live and learn


thats veri beatifull fashion. ia like veri veri mucht .ia d ont think thas ***. because thas nice :zzz


yeap, I just fell for him too. But he showed me his driving license - his name is massiamo sati.

almost the same story - he's got a bunch of suits he can't sell and has to rush to the airport...

he asked for 350 euro, I gave him 250... got 4 jackets and one suit, so I guess it's Ok.


i just got fool by that guy today in Montreal.. parc-extension.

he drives a white dodge..be carefull if somebody finds please contact me. ima kick his a**


This guy is in montreal now. do not fall for his ***. he is driving a rental Dodge journey.


LOL, I just bought three jackets from the guy. skinny with machine shaved hair, heavy italian accent, spoke french and english, he was from Milan but originally napolitano.

i took him to my sicilian friends and they told him to get lost and me the ***, I felt bad and gave him 300$ for 3 jackets.

this is helarious, I thought to be smart but man, did I get screwed. I wore one of the jackets right after he left and under the rain it started to foam-up. Too funny.

hey i know I got screwed but it's still very very funny.

best 300$ ever spent. you cant learn these things in school.


I got suckered on Sat. 4-02-11 in Princeton NJ.

Was driving a silver Toyota RAV4 , maybe the same one in report #10. He even showed me an Italian passport and airline ticket later that day.

He did a good acting job of having to sell these fast to return car, by a gift for his mom, and make flight. Paid $100 for three jackets His phone number 914 - 338 -6697


My boyfriend got scam 2x, with the 3 leather jackets from some Italian leaving back to Italy did not wanted to pay taxes on them at the airport, they were left overs from a expo. He showed him rental car papers, passport and even plane ticket. And the 2nd time another Italian with some Santini watches...omg!


This guy is in maimi fl. He fed a whole bunch of bull.

I even called my brother trying to get all 9 jackets from him for the price 300 bucks, but my brother was smart enough. So, I paid 100 dollars and got tree from him.

I tell you one thing. If I come across him again, I will kick his ***


He's'in Montreal right now, i just got scammed for 65$. He speaks *** english but decent french.


this just happened to me today in netcong NJ. He spoke italian well.

Gave me the Reportage bag they came in.he was selling 4 leather jackets said he was selling because he went to galleria and sold his samples. Said he didnt want to pay baggage fee. Said he had store in italy and showed me his business card. Showed me airplane ticket, hertz suposely rental car and wallet with credit cards and euros.

says currency is too low here.

After telling him I didnt have money said he would give me 2 jackets for 70$. But they are *** jackets look good before you put them on and realize they are ***.


I ran into the italian guy here in Warsaw - Poland, who showed some clothes (reportage rea) from Italy. Firstly, I've explained him how to get to the airport...and than he started with his story on some jackets and suits left.

He was with some other fellow, who was a driver.

The car was rental. Basically, I've not bought anything from him, cause the offered clothes looked ***.


And what a coincidence, the same guy tried to scam my cuzin and her husband outside a homedepot parking lot. Trued theSame scam.

He has COLORODO plates. Skinny blue eyes and we they took a picture if him


I met this italian mofo. He trued to scam me, little skinny mother *** saying he was selling 4 leather jackets said he was selling because he went to galleria and sold his samples.

Said he didnt want to pay baggage fee. Said he had store in italy and showed me hjs business card. Showed me airplane ticket, hertz suposely rental car and wallet with credit cards and euros.says currency is too low here. After telling him I didnt have money saud he would give me jackets for 100.00.

Tokd him I,didnt wear that type of clothes.

And I left. Fake *** ***


i got scammed too.. ***, what a hustler


My dad just bought 4 jackets for $500 in BRAMPTON ON. he told him he came back from a fashion show he was getting late for his flight and if he took the clothing with him he would get taxed on it. he also took down the Italian man's license plate,


Dam i got suckered too lol, but it was a good deal tho, he showed me his credentials, passport, wanted to know where the airport was and his name was Rafael, told me he didn't wanna pay any taxes concerning the airport stuff, and he had that Italian accent and he was a good convincer, wow! but now i know next time watch out for these type of people, man makes good italians look bad...i'm not totally mad, he gave me 3 jackets for 300, so well at least got new jackets ha ha, but dam gotta be more careful.

AA from El Paso, TX


Yea guy was riding burgundy suv and he is in Toronto.He drove up to me in my hood alley this morning by the dundas east/sherbourne crack area and offered 3 spring leather jackets for 800.The guy was in his early 40 wit some airport story and i said *** that am on welfare but managed to buy the fourth that look so much like fur coat for 50 bucks with some tags (reportage rea last collection on it)so who cares rip of or not,i like it.


Mississauga, told me he came from a fashion show and it leftover jackets. took 300 from me for 4 jackets. It's not a bad deal but I feel *** because I thought it was a scam.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #255339

I got suckered on Sat. 2-26-11 in N.

MIami By Luigi. Was driving a silver ford suv, maybe the same one in report #10. He even showed me an Italian passport and airline ticket later that day. He did a good acting job of having to sell these fast to return car, by a gift for his wife, and make flight.

Paid $100 for three jackets.

They're good knockoffs though. Even gave me the Reportage bag they came in.


It's so bizar to read this! I am from Leiden in The Netherlands and the exact same thing with the exact same story happened to me!

And I am not the only one in my city to whom it happened.

Is this some kind of international mafia? Is there an online education where they learn this story?


Hilarious that I just fell for the same thing. I was in a not so nice neighborhood so I may have gotten a better deal lol.

Suv rental with Florida plates, Italian guy looking for airport, saying it's not worth it to take the last of these jackets due to taxes at airport. Appreciation for directions = 6 leatherish (lol) jackets and two sweudes. If I gave him 500 for 1 additional jacket. He claimed that he would just break even bringing them back.

And he needed cash to buy something for his girlfriend since he was here doing an exposition. I told him that all I had was 200 and he said ok. I only feel ripped off because I don't fit any of them lol the small is almost big enough and the xl is too small.

As a NYC Paramedic I should be able to see through the bull but his story seemed plauseable. So have 8 jackets for sale small up to med I think lol.




I just got ripped off - he said he was some italian guy and from a fashion show with italian customs.. He showed his licence and all these other information.


this guy is in toronto. i just got rip off


I pulled in the gas station here in Vegas not far from my house and this Italian guy approached me asking for directions to the airport. After I gave him the directions he told me that he wanted me to have some of his jackets from a show here in town and and can not bring them back due to some tax situation.

This guy is a professional thief and looks like he is getting around. He did drive a new SUV with Nevada plates how ever I do not remember them. He id ask just like in Canada for $1300 USD to buy an Apple computer for his daughter.

I ended up paying him $350.00 US. I never got taken in my life but this guy was good and never give up and I felt for it.


this guy was in palmetto FL, sellin his jackets but i said *** no why u selling them so cheap if real jackets cost about $760.00 U.S dollar

P.s he was asking $250.00 for four leather jackets.


Maybe this is how RGA works because I met him trying to get crystal for his mama duty free at Kennedy airport. The only trouble is I am in DC.


I had the same in Germany. This Italiano man asked me if he is driving the right way.

Then he told me a long story about this how he loose his money. Then he said his bank card is blocked and he doesn't has any money for benzin. After some cring minutes he said he is going back from armani collection exposition. He gave me 4 jackets and showed awsome price about 1000 euros/each.

Then he asked me if I can give him some money...

P.S. Sorry for my langage I am from Poland


In Miami today. Silver Ford SUV with plate # 215LCV


he is in denmark now, aalborg denmark,same story..


el paso hoy por mi casa me dijo la misma historia pero son tres jackets nuevos en $100.00 dolares no lo veo como que me robo si vas a ross cualquier jacket de cuero te cuesta alrededor de $40.00 so it's ok


wagliu schiattate quorp un saluto a tutti forza napoli roma napoli 0-2


OMG this just happen to me today I can't believe 3 jackets $200 the guys actual phone # is 914-338-6697 I'm in West Virginia but from New York I should know better he told me all of the above didnt expect this in my area since I'm the only one in my town that wear leather jackets he showed me a large sum of money so that tells you how good he was


Today in Madrid, 04/02/2011 16hrs, the same story, i gave him 400 € and he told me the same...he needed the money for Gas to go to Napoles, he gave me a fake clothes :( REA the plate of the car is:



I got fooled by this Italian person as well. I was coming out from my car and I was about to enter in my store this person stopped me in the parking lot and asked me the directions to Pearson Internationl Airport Toronto.

As I guided him to the highway he asked me to help me out as well by buying 6 leftover leather jackets since he can not bring them back Italy because he will have to pay for the custom. Initially he asked for $1500 Canadian Dollars and as tried to get away from him but he kept insisting me to help him out because he still had to pay for the rent a car charges and he is short on the money.

I ended up paying him about $400 in Cash, at first I thought I got a very good deal but by reading these complaints I feel that I am one of the victoms of this international Scam. :grin


Pozor na tuhle bandu zmrdů, stále ten samý příběh, chlápek mluvící anglicky s italským přízvukem, že odlétá do Itálie atd., chce prodat bundy, semišové, kožené, oblek,"jakože" ARMANI, hrozně důvěryhodnej, POZOR!! Poprvé jsem jim, já čůůůrák blbej nalítnul, a dal jim 8000,- za oblek - sračka, 3 kožený bundy-sračka, a 2 semišovky, ty jsou ale docela ok, daj se nosit.

Operujou na Praze 6-Dejvice, kolem hotelu Diplomat, už mě dokonce pak už 2x jiný zmrdi opět pokoušeli zlákat,vždy v půjčenym autě,zn. ISE 3605, je to organizovaná skupina profi-podvodníků!!! KILL THEM ALL!!!

Doufám že tyhle kryply jednou někdo dostane,příště jim rozkopu ksichty!

:( :( :(


Hi sirs,

I've met this italian man today at the parking lot of Mc Donald's in Prague, Czech Republic. I've bought that black leather jacket from him for about 30€ (cca.

45USD). This jacket is very nice and seems to be a quality one. The price was good. Why do you complain about it?

He was not behaving like the nasty, stinky gipsies walking around my town, trying to *** off some money or like some black men in NY trying to sell you some crapy watches or whatever. Why is he so bad?

to Jirkas #637914

I feel the same way at least hes not on welfare.. or begging you for drug money ..You liked the coats so whats the problem ...

unless you gave him thousands of dollars ... still better than a car salesman ...


mir ist das gestern abend passiert in wien 1 börsegass ca.17uhr.sie müßten nach italien heimfahren und haben kein geld mehr denn er habe alles im casino verspielt .gibt mir zwei lederjacken sehr schön verpackt und noch eine für meine frau aber er braucht geld um nach rom zurück zu kehren,ich gab ihm 25euro aber das war zu enig mit 50 war er einverstanden wünschte mir frohe weihnachten und weg war er.ich dachte immer das mir soetwas nicht passieren könnte aber bitte es war gut gemacht


Dominante Buero Stute sucht geile Sex Partner. Bin scharf und mein Mann besorgts mir nicht mehr.

Will ihn nicht verlassen deshalb suche ich ein Abenteuer zum fremdgehen. Wer *** hat melde dich doch bitte hier bei mir! Ich bin so geil und brauch es mal wieder so richtig. Suche keine feste Bindung, nur Spass!!


Danke und Kuss! xx ;-)


Hi Pimpone

Blimey, the old Italian guy in the sliver A class Mercedes certainly gets around! I was shopping in Lidl yesterday (I live in Birmingham, UK) and he asked about directions then tried to sell me some jackets, trying to get me to "feel the quality".

Anyway, it was way too cold to stand around so told him I havent got any money...


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I met this Italian guy, today I was going home from work and there is this suv next to me beeping the horn and heavy accent man presenting like Italian that owns Armani Colection, asking me if I want to buy some of the jackets that he have left, I saw few jackets that he show it to me and I told him to give me two min. I googled on my phone to see how much those jackets are worthed, when I saw these page I knew it that is the guy but when I told him that I don't want to buy anything he left quickly so did not had a chance to see his plate no. to call the cops on him.


I met this Italian guy, today I was going home from work and there is this suv next to me beeping the horn and heavy accent man presenting like Italian that owns Armani Colection, asking me if I want to buy some of the jackets that he have left, I saw few jackets that he show it to me and I told him to give me two min. I googled on my phone to see how much those jackets are worthed, when I saw these page I knew it that is the guy but when I told him that I don't want to buy anything he left quickly so did not had a chance to see his plate no. to call the cops on him.


Looks like they are more than one. This is a big syndicate.

They are now operating in South Africa. Please be people be careful.

I am pissed off with myself because the same thing happened to me in London in 1997. I was sold a fake leather jacket by an Italian.


The sucker got me today. Same story - he was flying back to Italy and needed to dispose of stock that would cost him money at the airport.

Two suits and 4 jackets for R10 000.

He wanted R18 000. Bloody sucker!


thats no bad..is nice model :)


well he must be moving around as my son got caught in Dublin Ireland recently


just happened to my father on long island, nassau county. watch out for these smooth *** men speaking italian like they are old friends of the family.




gino sei uno stronzone..... :grin


black e wit :p


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american lof


il flauto di pelle


prendete il cazzone in bocca


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thats veri beatifull stoff :zzz


***! i just bought *** 8 jackets for 400$.

decided to google the brand and here we go!

so mad! if i meet this *** again i will kill him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps it happened in Astoria NY


OMG, he drove up to me with all the same sayings, that he needed a favor, showed me passport, identification (Giovanni) and yes he speaks Italian, but he only understood spanish. He had supposebly a forum at the Galleria, i caught him in like 3 lil white lies, but still was so convincing.

If i would have had had money to spend, he most def would have got me! I kept wondering why he kept showing me all this proof, when i believed him from the start. Gosh he had scared me at first, looked like he was getting angry because he chose the wrong girl. This was in Houston either on a thursday or friday?

Becareful ppl, he is charming and convincing. oh and he will burn the 1st jacket he displays for you. Then show you 5 more, and a stack full of money.

One of these days karma is gonna get him. He might run into a the wrong American and get jacked!!


what is this stuff made of? dont really care that i got ripped off i can make the money back =P just wanna know how to wash it lol


im not sure if its the same guy but i was asked by a italien guy for 400$ fer some leather jackets and he needed money for his family so i drove him over to my frend and he said it was good quality leather and a lifetime deal so i bought it =P this was in barrie ont btw


This guy is in Hicksville, NY. Same scam. There should be a newscast to warn others before they get scammed.


i ran into this knucklehead at home depot in brampton i told him dude i dont care if its fake or not ill give u forty bucks for 2 jackets lololol he took it lolol so i got 2 good fakes for 40 bucks so if u encounter theese type of guys try ripping them off for a change lol


Purtroppo mi sono fatto abbidolare dalle sue belle parole e le tre giacche mi son costate 200 Frs. questo

alla fine di giugno in Svizzera 6.2010


This *** just happen to me,he told me that he need to get to the airpirt to get back home, so I told him the direction,and he wanna thank me bygiving me a suit cause he doeant wanna take it on the aiport because od taxes so I was like sure, -*** me- then he startedwith a story saying that he slept with a girl and she took all his stuff and he need money to pay iff the retal carbalh blah felt bad gave him.the money then when to work with the suit and my manger told me this is a fake armini suit so I google the event and came here duxk


TO:ASB let me know if its the same guy i ran in too...cause i have hes license plate number and car model.

SAme thing happened to my husband here in toronto an italian speaking guy said how he was leaving to italy how hes a model and he needed to sell the jackets because he was going to pay too much money at customs asked for 400 bucks for 4 armani jackets and said how they were authentic blah blah blah and he ripped him off, After

as soon as my husband got home he showed the jackets and i went back to the place were he was selling them and caught him couple of corners down from were he originally had sold those jackets to my husband he was sitting in his car as we went up against hes car and told him he had to give the money back for the jackets and hes answer was i send the money to italia and i dont have it anymore..smartass so i told him ok its ok dont worry ill just call the cops and give them your license plate number and let them in on the *** your doing to people...the guy *** hes pants and litterally gave me back all the money right away and drove off as fast as he could...and he pretends not to speak to much english...***


El mecionado personaje *** la misma historia me la aplico en el lowes de. Bandera y 1604. San antonio texas y todo por querer ayudar a la genre


This Italian Guy (Now With name of Paulo) is in Abu Dhabi....


This same guy tried his routine on 10/18/10 in Astoria, NY, asked for directions then offered to "give" me 3 leather jackets, because he couldn't pay the "airport duty" as soon he asked for money to buy an XBox for his kid I walked away.

Scrawny little ***


same story in mississauga(Toronto). Even though my wife told me that it is fake.

i made a mistake. greed or humanity or both.

but it is ***. lesson for life cost me $400 and gave me 4 jackets.


prendete il capocchione in bocca. anzi il fragolone nelle pacche.anzi il flauto di pelle cul.

wai bay end afther right bad. you hare the first people dud bandit bay end stret.

***..................... :p


My husband was pounced on in Vienna, only had £60 at the time, they wanted to take him to a cash machine, he refused thank god but ended up with 3 jackets, 2 suedette material and one leather look jacket(very soft plastic)Not too badly made for a scam. But be warned!


Hopefully now I learned that if it's too good to be true then watch out. He was very convincing, showed me his Italian passport, Italian bank card, even places that he has travelled to...

Ecuador, FIFA world cup soccer, etc...

Told me he just finished a fashion show in Toronto and he would like for me to take these jackets off his hands since customs will charge him too much to ship back.

He was heading back to the airport and needed a favor. Was in Mississauga week of Oct 10th


Same Story happened today in Campbell California. He ripped us off 200 dollars.


Just happened to me. Italian guy looking for directions to JFK airport.

Tried to sell me 7 jackets for $900.

I bought 3 for $40 in total. I guess not to badly scammed.


Just happened to me. Italian guy looking for directions to airport.

Tried to sell me 7 jackets for $900.

I bought 3 for $40 in total. I guess not to badly scammed.


Well it kind of just happened to me in Aventura, Fl. but I was some what familiar with the situation so he was giving me the jacket at $150 and I told him I only had $30 on me he said go see if one of your friends can lend you some so I went inside pretended to ask around and pulled the $30 out my wallet. Went back out, he was reluctant but ultimately took the $30 and was off to the "airport"...


The italian guy still (12/10/2010) in Prague, Czech Republic - offering shirts and lether jackets REA Reportage. Fiat Punto with italian signs.


10/5/10 CLIFTON , NJ . This italian guy Francesco sold me 6 jackets for $400. He was looking for a way to get to the airport, I showed him the way how to get there.


i didn't suspect any scam until now. the gentlemen in a porsche SUV stopped to ask direction, before i new it they were selling leather jackets to me. anyways they parted with 9 units for 600 bucks.

i have been scammed.


Hmm... I'm starting to wonder if it's some kind of mafia, who does this, because there are so many variations of this guy or GUYS. I was scammed in Finland, so this guy is really traveling a lot or there is a group of these guys.


well..suprisingly..it seems this italian guy made it to eastern europe..Prague..today afternoon...(i also have nice jackets home, ai ai...:o) but seeing i have met a celebrity scammer makes it easier



Today - 20100927, 18:00. Same hapened to me: Italian Gyy, age about 35-40, handsome, Fiat Punto .Told me that he lost all his money in casino and he has to go back to Rome.

He gave me 2 jackets + 1 short coat (all in leather ?) and 1 three button suit. Und I gave him unfortunately about 250 €.

Will take it to the police tomorrow.


Today, 25 Sept 2010 he is in Antwerp. I am really surprised I met this celebrity because when I read all comments here he is as notorious as a moviestar.

From me ge got 200 Euro. I must admitt he did a brilliant job and was prepared, I tell you !

What I am asking myself is who is producing these *** products Had to trow it away; unusable even.

I guess the only way to sell this *** is by catalog or by an Italian Genius like him. One day he meets the wrong guy that will make him eat pasta untill it comes out of his ears to become a real Italian.


same here my dad met this guy in calgary right beside canadian tire and offer'd him the same type of clothing i got so happy that i searched the brand online and found out it was a phony dont want to tell my dad it was fake or he would be disapointed


In Italia? Nessuno ha mai incontrato questo tizio di questa Organizzazione, in Italia?

A me è successo a Bologna una settimana fa...

Tra l'altro, ha preso LUI una mezza fregatura... :grin

Agli Italiani: ok che questo tizio era / é italiano ma NESSUNO in Italia ha mai incontrato questa "Band"?


I was almost scamed in Johannesburg South africa today. The guy asked directions to the airport said he lost all his money in the casino.

Similar storey tobthe rest of you. He had shaven hair, very well dressed, glasses, frothing at the side of his mouth when he spoke.

Fortunately I thought never got taken. Would like to give him a good hiding just thinking about it.


The same story happened to me today 15/09/2010... He asked me the way to the airport..., he' s in brussels/belgium, be careful, I have 2 suits and 3 jackets for a good price but there are fake... I am so *** but i am not the only one:)



I got 5 jackets for 100 bucks.....he wanted 1,000 and i told him all i had was 100.....stick to your guns, i love the jackets and they are well worth it. Everyone loves them too.

i love them as well.

100 bucks for 5 jackets, what a score!!!! thanks to the scammers.




He is now in Belgium in Gent. Or at least someone that works in the same way.

He told me the same story that he was going to Milano, and he gave 3 jackets as present. I feel like a fool, but is my fault form being greedy.


prendete il capocchione in *** ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


dont u get it?they are an organisation trying to sell fake armani,this story should become bigger so that everyone become aware of this fact n know how to react in case the same exact situation happens again with someone else tomorrow.