RGA Armani - The fake man,mind your self

Dublin, Dublin 0 comments

hi...im, filipino guy,imigrated here in Ireland im the one he victim, im goin out in my flat to go in town this man drive a rent car and he speak to me said im italiano said im came from fasion show in galway .im on my way now dublin airport to milan .he showing at me some jackets.for free i said what do you mean free,when you buy three jackets for 250euros i see the jacket beacause i wanted one its so lovely when you see,and try fit 3large its so nice i said stay there i get money in atm machine i said,back just quick i gave him 200euros for 3jackets i go to the i wearing one out im realise that its a imitation or fake, oooh no.i web site in enternet so many people complaint.im so disappointed.

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RGA Armani - Fake Armani online store

Los Angeles, California 0 comments
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Just this web store,I bought Armani from them.Before I made an order,the told me that the Armani they supply is made by the OEM factory,the same quality but the much lower price.But when I got the Armani,all the items are fake!Very bad!

I contanted them about thee Armani I bought,guess what they said????

They said,when I made the order,I should know the Armani I bought was fake.So they refused return my money.And they told me that if I make another orer ,they will give me more discount.

Well,dont believe this store,and dont just look at the price.

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Monetary Loss: $1280.

RGA Armani sucker in Miami

Middletown Township, New Jersey 5 comments

Italian guy just pulled up next to me at a light and began telling me the same story about not wanting to go back to Italy with his left over Armani jackets as he didn't want to pay the fees for taking them back. Offered me a great deal and ended up suckering me for $800 for 3 jackets and 3 shirts.

I got his license plate off the Toyota SUV he was driving. Also spoke to a police officer who told me I couldn't do much but take him to civil court. This just happened an hour ago in Brickell, Miami. I would like to get my hands on this guy but realize it would only lead to more problems.

He's a well dressed, fast speaking little Italian guy with glasses.

He let me know he had more to sell so look out for this guy. Said his name was Paulo.



Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website!


It appears I got "got" by this same guy as well with his sob story and his darn jackets. I wont say how much I gave hime but believe me, he got me good. That was in 2007.

Today, in 2011, some smooth talking Italian with some Armani watches approached me with the same modus operandi, (he attended event in Miami, had extra goods, rental car, flight back to Italy, didnt want to pay taxes on extra goods, etc) However, you can only fool me once.

I acted like I was going to buy the watches and even went and pulled money from the ATM as he stood closeby. He saw the money in my hand, he was salavating at the sight.

But instead of buying the watches, I took the car key from his hands and locked the doors to his Mercedes and called the police on him.

He was scared shitless and had a panicked look on his as he stood outside his car with nowhere to go.

The scammer got scammed today. However the police said they couldn't do much since to him since no transaction (crime) has taken place. His name is Luigi. I got a picture of him too. Payback!!


Hey, i got sold same *** story but it wasnt R.G.A it was AE new collection *** he had going on but he sold me in a matter of 20 mins or so he helped me jump my car then push it out of the parking lot cause it didnt have reverse so i figured for his help and he seemed honest enough him and his *** translator *** if i see this guy again imma beat the *** outta him (vallejo, CA) driving a *** rav4 silver


he said the same story about goin to italy and paying the extra taxes whatever showed me passport and everything at first he told me 180 then i said 120 and he said yea and I realized that he was just trying to get rid of it so i said 50$ and he said yea , when I got home is that I realize the quality is super bad. You can type( r.g.a armani) in google and it seems to be a picture of him with long hair.


hey I ran into this guy today and bought a jacket for 50$ hehe I didnt loose much but i realize now that is terrible quality

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RGA Armani Clothing - Fake

Nashville, Tennessee 10 comments

A friend called me last night very excited that he had been approached by this Italian guy asking for directions to the airport. The man said he was in town to show some samples and was headed back to Italy.

He said he wanted some US currency to make some purchases in the duty free shop before he left the states. Anyway he gave a business card, my friend rushed to the ATM and got the money and bought 3 jackets 1 leather, 2 fabric. I went over to look at them and immediately knew they weren't Armani. Anyone who has owned an Armani Suite or Jacket would recognize the lack of quality in these products without even trying them on.

I believe my friend payed $300.00 for all three. He felt that he had gotten a bargain. We went on line and discovered this website and several articals stating that the line was fake. I didn't see the word Armani on any of the products that he bought.

I have to admit the black leather drivers coat looked nice. But it still lacked the quality you would expect of a fine leather product, let alone an Armani product.




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These guys are apparently on the move. I just got worked in Sacramento, CA by the same scam.

They sold me 3 "Armani" jackets for $120. The jacketa are not that bad, but definitely not Aramani. There were 2 of them, one supposedly the model for the Jackets, they had a booklet with the model in them and everything.

They were in a White Nissan Armada.

Very good scammers. You will reap what you sow.


Fui abordado por um cara com sotaque italiano aqui na região da saúde- capital- SP -Brasil, carro alugado com placa de Belo Horizonte - MG-Brasil, com a mesma história, estava volando pra milano-Itália e queria vender as jaquetas para não ter que pagar os impostos...alegou serem armani mas eram da marca R.G.A branco careca simpático ...


He was today in Irving, TX

at Home Depot parking lot.

Parked next to me.

Very good actor.

Nice black SUV.

Italian passport, told that he does not speaks english, only italian or spanish.

The deal was to give me 3 Armani coats and the 4 with half price of 450.

Then after while turn to 200 as he showed me some Euros and dollars.

Ask to go to ATM and also after beg for a gift card.

I walked away...


Just got busted by this guy in NY last friday. He pulled on the side of the road, asking me for the airport.

So I gave him the direction. Then he asked me what was my size, I answered that I didn't know then he said that I was certainly an L...whatever with his italian accent he continue to chat and said that he was going to the airport and was working for armani and wanted to offer a Play station for his son. I said I didn't have much money so I was not interested. Anyway we continued to talk, he told me he was often travelling from Milano to Ny for fashion weeks and that he got those samples..

and at the end I really wanted him to offer this playstation to his son, so I answered that why not, three armani Jacket for 300$ that's not bad, so I jump in his grey suv, we've been to the bank, I gave him the 300$, he left. That was next to the apple store in manhattan.Conclusion: This guy is really good I traveled all over the world and never fell for one of those repoff, there's always a detail that tells me that there's something wrong, this time i didn't even smelled the jacket to check if it was real leather...I trusted him.

Anyway 300 bucks that's not the end of the world and I got three jacket. Hope he really bought a playstation to his son..haha

Description: 40 year old man with a little bit of grey hair, short hair, dressing casual good, Italian accent, apparently driving in a rented car, having a green jacket on the passenger side, showing his items in a fake armani bag, showing the items from the car window and using a lighter to show how good the quality is, asking his way to the airport, not from NY while he has a map of Manhattan, wearing a watch with a black face (italian brand), smoking cigarettes, apparently he knew were the armani store is in Manhattan and the chase bank next to it, asking where you are from, if you're italian or not (trying to make you feel comfortable), even if he does repoff at the end he would seem like a nice person to go and have a beer with hehehe !


It is obviously a group, not a guy. I live in Henderson, NVMy husband just came home telling the same story and that he had deopped $300 for 5-6 jackets.

I could smell them and look at them and know they are fake. I mean they are not bad, but they are not Armani, that is for sure.

In a white Nissan Merano license #578 MPV


he must be moving around because he was here in houston 11/02/10 in a ghetto area talking about how he didnt want to pay the shipping fee back to italy and needed to catch his flight but funny part is that he was trying to sell them in the chase bank parking lot and was like an hour away from bush airport


i ran into this guy in san antonio, but he gave me 4 for 60, i guess they or for 20 each, kinda of a nice looking jackets for fakes




lol, I saw the two guys last week in a white Subaru (43/2) with Italian accent asking for directions to JFK and then asking if I wanted to buy 3 Armani jackets, I knew it was coming but I had time and wanted to have some fun; let them waste their time :)

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RGA Armani - Same story in Brussels with REA Armani guy

I was also approached by an Italian today on parking lot in Zaventem. I went to his car and he presented plenty of suits and leather jackets to me.

Finally I was suspicious and went away without buying anything. My intuition told me this guy had prepared a full story with 'being in a hurry for the airport' and 'luggage cost would be to high, I need to get rid of samples I received' and 'Armani samples he received in the Brussels Hilton hotel'.

So finally, when I read this site, I am happy I didn't buy anything and I am happy I followed my intuition.

Advise: follow your intuition! Cheers Kurt

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RGA Armani - Getting stop by a stranger to sell you fake merchandise

New York, New York 0 comments
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All started while starting my shift at work, I decided to run across the street to grab my self some snacks, only had a couple of minutes to make that run but on my way crossing the street out of no where their was a gentleman that was calling me, so i decided to look back to see who it was and i ended going back to see why he was calling me for. after i approach the fake Italian tourist supposedly i thought he need me for some directions, but it was the opposite he was trying to make some money because his dad gave him some merchandise and it was to much for him to travel with.

the supposedly Italian tourist said he only got couple of hours for him to leave out of the country back to Italy telling me that he needs couple of dollars before he leaves and hes not asking for much trying to sell me couple of leathers an feathers jackets and 2 suits asking for 700 dollars i told him i don't have time but he had a suit that looked so nice that i said i need to get that so i told him ill give you 200 dollars for it, thinking that R.E.A was some new collection from Armani and i ended up buying it.

after a couple of minutes that i purchased the suit from the Italian such call tourist, i thought about it an said wait of minute i just made a mistake, but it was to late because he was already gone and i didn't take his license plate number down that's another mistake, also all i remember is the Italian such call a tourist was at least 5'7 or 5'8 tall if I'm not mistaken, at the time he seem me was about 2:53 pm 09/22/2010, it took place in front of the CBS News building main entrance(524 w 57Th st)in Manhattan, NY. but moving on now is the past, i hope that everyone knows that buying stuff in the street could lead to something not appropriate. I hope that the guy stop and learn his lesson before is to late and God to forgive him because karma gets to you..

Monetary Loss: $205.

RGA Armani - Fake Armani reportage Rea Jackets

Dublin, Dublin 23 comments

Fake-Reportage REA Collection Leather Jacket: I was gardening in front of my home in South Dublin this Saturday morning 31 July 2010. An Silver Audi rental car driven my a Continental European who said he was Italian from Milano stopped.

The driver (single occupant) asked for directions to the M50 motorway to the Airport. Allegedly returning from a visit to Brown Thomas (an up-market department store) in the City Centre, he then produced 3 sample leather jackets which he wanted to dispose of before traveling home. He valued them about €750 to €850 per item and offered me the three for €387 his car hire costs. Showed me Passport and car hire company receipt.

I fitted on one and offered €200 to take the three off his hands and we settled for €220. I thought my adult sons or friends can have the others. He departed. On returning to the house I Googled Reportage Rea name to discover identical scams elsewhere.

The car driver was mid 40s, bald with spectacles and limited but adequate English. Be warned.

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Another person had in Ballinteer by self same Italian. Beware this scam.


From Nannawading ,Victoria.

In a very busy afternoon gone for a short trip to an electronic shop to buy a TV antenna . As soon I locked my car , driver of the just parked car just right of my car asked me to give him direction to go to airport.

He showed me a very torn full Australian map ,it was very impossible to show him streets in that map.

I was very kind and patient and agreeable to show him , while drawing direction,looking for papers in glove box of his two door rental car without GPS .he seemed very interested and very great full. He was at his mid thirties, fair complexion well dressed.

I started walking , he asked my name and profession, learning that, he told me that his mother is of same profession and he became interested in me ,asked me to hang on , he came out of his car and formally introduced him and told he is designer for ARAMANI ,came to Westfield , Doncaster to launch new product.

He has some left over,does not want to take back as he don,t want to pay tax twice as sample product. By natuture I am skeptical and greed less,still sort of became hypnotised and did what he said ,he asked me to open the boot and himself put two ARAMANI paper sac into my boot. I courteously (retrospectively stupidly)asked him do you want any thing from me ?

Then he became very emotional and said do you any children ? I said yes, then with near sobbed eyes told today is my son's birthday, I am not with him he wanted me to take an apple computer , I checked the price which is A$1200. I became emotional and wanted to help him ,I asked him how much you have ?you take your cloths back , still I will help you let us go inside the shop. As I mentioned I was in a hurry , wanted to help him and go.

he said I will buy from airport tax free shop. I gave him A$500, he said he will still have a short fall of three hundred, I had only A$100 left, I gave him that as well , and get on with my day's work . I forgot the whole thing , finally at night chatting with my wife ,told about my genorisity ,she wanted to see them rather then listening ,by the time I went to garage to bring the packets from car in the mean time she googled reportage REA jackets, and out of my extreme surprise showed that this is part of international scams , and all reported on this page. They are from all over the western world, Europe,USA,Canada .

Now I am reporting from Australia. Nearly with similar story everywhere. I wonder how they pick up clients, I am sure if my wife would be with me she would be rude to this very genleman stranger ,which I could not.

But I learned at the cost of my humane nature,never believe any stranger. Also , still I think how people like me would suspect this behaviour as a big scam 23 rd June 2015

to Anonymous #998880

Yes, I was caught today 24 June 2015 in Port Melbourne.

Same story, Italian guy in Fiat Punto or 500, got $300 from me to help buy his son in Italy an Apple laptop...

I got 5 leather & suede jackets.... Now for sale....

Portlaoise, Laois, Ireland #901264

My husband bought him today in Portlaoise. Paid 200 euros for 3 coats and 1 coat firm boss


21.12.2013 They standing on rout 2 in deutchland 150 km to polen prenzlau

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland #656268

Was done at the plaza hotel in tallaght tuesday 21st may 2013,3 jackets 300 euro Little italian p...k was driving a blue ford focus dublin reg which i took but threw away as no point keeping it, i am usually to wide for these types but was in a hurry and didnt look properly,,,lesson learned,, Hope i meet him again if i do god help him...


veri nice,,,,,,,,,,, :zzz


the same at Czech Republic


OMG!!! i was a victim of this REPORTAGE REA!!!!

just living here in brampton ontario canada.. these 2 guys went on us while we're walking and told us that they've into a fashion show and have to dispatch all the jackets because he's going back to their country... he told me first 5 leather jackets for$600 and we just saywe have no enough money. so he told us he'll give a present..100dollars for two jackets..

and so we did..

so i went to internet and found out.. that it is a SCAM!!

to vet from toronto canada Trenton, Ontario, Canada #614273

I was a victim too. Same technique, they said they are on their way to the airport and needs to dispatch what they have left from the fashion show.


my like veri veri mucht..................... moda italiana thats the best.


veri nice stoff, end veri nice model,thats made in italy, iam veri happi,because ia like veri mucht,wai d ont need help this gays? italian people thas veri gentleman, thats no bad boys , veri lovely person, wai people bay?

because evebady want tak chans. bat that beder this end no sam think house.

veri beutifull. a nice fashion :zzz


Doing it in Vegas also...my husband was duped at the gas station today along with another woman. Before he could even finish telling me the story I knew what the outcome would be. Live & Learn.


bonjour a tous

sigh after learning that I'm not the only thing that did make a scam like this! That happened to me this day I'm in Paris for only 3 days and this guy with an air of Italian and I invented the story that was going to return to Rome the story he told me who works at a fashion company showed me a Foyetes the collections of coats that had I said it was interesting but was not interested then it was there that I said I gave them was there that I found it strange he said that was yesterday in moulin rouge and there was a fight and that the run lost his wallet!

I like a fool I ate your story!

and asked for money only to fill your tank Gazoline but I only had 100 euros in my wallet and told him that I can give only 70 so I said I did not lost much but this country is full of hustlers be careful when you come to paris! and also be careful with those guys who pick up a ring and tells you it's yours there are two that made me the same story but failed me.


The same thing happened to my husband in Athens about a month ago...No need to go into details because it will become boring to say the same things over again.Only difference was that he waved to my husband from his car asking him to pull over and my husband stopped, believing it was some undercover policeman or something!


I just so this guy, I give him the money and then soo this web site it save me 200 dolars he sow his paspot and it was the same story, Baton Rouge


I got duped also. The guy's phone # is 201 737 3783


does anyone know what these jackets are made out of? =P i got a pre goood deal a little ripped off paid 100$ for 4 jackets, they actualy look nice and slightly warm to =P i might wear it for hangin out in the mall just dont want it rotting on me or anything =p can someone name the material or a site that says it?


There is clearly a syndicate of these Italiano's around the world.

I was had with pretty much the exact same story in an Abu Dhabi car park.

A guy on his way to the Airport with a boot full of surplus high fashion clothing which he did not want to take back with him to "Roma".

I ended up with 3 suits and 2 suede/leather jackets.

A very embarrassed C.B.


My husband fell for this scam on Weston-super-mare beach front - trouble is now - what to do with 3 very large and one very small jackets!! Bit wary of putting them on Ebay as I'm not sure if we are selling stolen goods or just fake goods, I have a 100% trading score and would hate to jeopardise that!

Looks like we may make a very, very generous donation to the local charity shop! Not sure what they are made of but smell like fresh meat!!


01D25909 is the reg of the silver Audi.

Guys name is Eugenio Somma (at least that is what is on passport)

(Yeah I got duped too)


E' successo anche a me sotto forma di un amico che non vedeva da tempo e che la sera prima aveva presentato una collezione di gadgets presso l'Hotel Fini di Modena. Mi ha regalato tre gadgets (2 giubbini e una borsa da donna) poi mi ha chiesto se potevo aiutarlo a fare benzina perchè aveva perso la carta di credito e aveva fatto la denuncia di smarrimento. Aiuto di 50 € (mi è andata bene)


This same dude drove up while I was in my garden in north Dublin. Asked me if I was Irish and I said I was.

"You look Italian" he replied, but what he really meant was "you look like another sucker!". Like an ***, because I believed his hard luck story, I paid his car hire bill just to get rid of him, he was so persistent.

Got three leather jackets and two others alledgedly made of antelope hide in return. "You will remember me for the rest of your life" he told me and invited me to stay in his house if I was ever in Milano and sample his wonderful spaghetti!

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RGA Armani - REA Leather Jackets

Johannesburg, Gauteng 3 comments

I am from South Africa. A friendly Italian male stopped me in a rented car outside my bank.

He said he is in SA, for soccer world cup business. He brought clothing to sell and is going back to Italy and cannot take them back as he has to pay tax. He showed me a photostat page containing a summary of the list of clothings and the prices in Euro's. He was prepared to give me all six jackets for the price of one jacket.

I only needed to give him 600 Euros. I was scammed and bought two jackets for and equivalent of 230 Euros.

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Hey I'm from Montreal same happen to me , Italian guy with fake REA jackets , I paid 500 canadian, for 3 leather jackets worth 150 each one.


The same just happened to me yesterday in Dubai. I bought 3 suits and 2 leather jackets for 4,200AED (about $1,150.00)


guys i just want to share my story. Same Italian guy came up to me and told me the same story.

i bought $1,000 worth of jackets and shirts from him on friday 07.22.2010.

Humble, tx

RGA Armani - I bought 6 jackets from rga i am happy with it and they fit very good

Oxford, England 3 comments
Not resolved

i bought 6 jackets rga ,i am very happy,what is all this talking that you do,i don t understand.they are of a good quality and they fit very good.the guy may be told me some lies but it` s ok ,all commerce is based on lies,you people worry too much.did you pay a good price?so why to worry so much,today there is a big recession going on ,so i think that if i can save some money is good for me(as long as is not stolen stuff,but i don t thionk so)

Review about: Jacket.

Monetary Loss: $100.



He's on houston now, i bought Him 2 jacket for $130.00 today!!! He told me the same storie.


He is in Houston, tx now:)


I was fueling at a local gas station in Mississauga and a clean cut guy came to me asking for directions to go to Pearson International Airport (Toronto).He could hardly speak english so I offered if he speaks French and pas de problem we started talking in French.

He asked me if I am interested in buying Armani clothes. Told him they are very expensive.

To make the story short. I ended up getting these 3 beautiful jackets for $160.00 They fit well and whether they are real or not.

$53.00 and change for each jacket. Good deal.

RGA Armani - R.G.A. Italian Suits and Jackets

Woods Hole, Massachusetts 2 comments
Not resolved

i too just bought some Jackets and suits to help out a Italian paisan that we met at a local restaurnt on MV, they seemed very nice and gave the same story: get them off our hands so we dont have to pay a tax to bring back to our country, and to buy his son a gift, a play station...bla bla bla, got the cash and had to screw, now reading complaints,I feel i got taken, though I like the jackets and the suit, but feel I may have got taken...live and learn.....this stuff doesnt happen on Martha's vineyard...LOL

Review about: Fake Italian Suits.

Monetary Loss: $400.



The thing happen to me, this guy suppose from italy with REA and rga leather jacket and suit, got 500,00 out me in miami, FL


Just "bought" a suit 150€ and received 3 fake jackets for free in 1082 Brussels, Car Park Carrefour Hypermarket. I knew it was copies but my friends do not...

and the quality of the suit is OK for the price. I'll give the jackets to someone who need them.

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